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50 Generally Simple to Discredit Topics for your Dissident Paper

Posted By Andy Martin     May 9, 2022    

Writing essays was what got me into writing short stories and at first, the task appeared to be very difficult because I wasn’t the type who would actually write. There were other people ready to write my essay for me. It was in my mind that I could never write and this has led me to dream about becoming a writer but having to sit down and write?? Nope, could never be me.

Some people are meant for bigger things such as writing novels, and some don’t have passion or time for writing novels, while others have passion but they don’t have time for it. Now, how do they pursue their passion with whatever little time they get?


Short stories!!!! Yup, that’s for those people who want to write but writing a novel is a huge commitment and responsibility. I know not everyone is ready to take on this huge role of being a novelist. So, short stories are where it’s at.


How to Write a Living Will | WIRED


At least for me, I don't know about you guys.

However, things have changed and the passion I have for writing compelled me to write whatever I wanted to write. I started with essays and then moved on to short stories and scriptwriting.


At first, I realized I cannot even procure an interesting idea. How am I going to write stories? This made me lose sleep as well as the spark I had in me for writing. My friends encouraged me to keep pursuing it until I got better at it.

Thank god, I listened to them, and here I am with some useful tips for you, so that you can also start writing short stories. If it wasn’t for them, I would have dropped this idea of writing short stories.

Keep your friends close, but those who encourage you for your passion, closer.

Alright back to the tips. Here are the following tips that I am sure will help you regain that spark if you are also one of those who are stuck in the middle. If you want a short story for your English class and a better grade, ask any essay writer and they can write a brilliant story for you. They will charge you a minimal fee but you will receive quality work in return.


The difference between a short story and a novel.


A short story is not a novel and you should be aware of this difference. Yeah, they do have some common characteristics but that still does not make them similar. Some of the similarities are: grammatically correct, coherent, and have proper spelling. Whatever the length is, they should tell a story.

 A story has an incident, character development, climax, and end.

However, they are still two different things.

If you are a short story writer, you have to stick with the word length, on the contrary, novelists have the freedom to decide the length of their novels. A short story writer has to cut out all the juicy details and stick to one aspect of the story/character/problem.

Know the difference.


Keep the readers hooked


Keep the readers hooked by including catchy openings and that is one quality of good short story writers you must have seen in the newspaper articles. Writers keep the story close to the opening because it’s a great way to pull readers off the bat.

It means making the plot obvious so that readers know what’s expected in the story.


Small Cast


It’s a short story, thus the demand should be of a small cast of characters or it would create confusion. The story also has to be concise and clear to ensure that readers know what’s going on. Ask any essay writing service and they will tell you the same. Your job is to make the readers understand the plot. You don’t want your readers to stop midway and think, “what am I reading?”

Your story should have a main and a side character, and other minor characters. The side character should have a vital role in the story. The minor characters are only for support.


Experiment elements:


When it comes to short story writing, there are no hard and fast rules as compared to traditional storytelling techniques. Writers are free to play around and see what works best for them. You should also experiment with your story and break a few rules.

It’s a short story after all.


Build your story


You don’t have enough space to include minor details in the story because of the length. Hence, don’t waste your time and build your story, and include rising action as quickly as possible. In the same way, you have to add a climax and falling action as quickly as possible.

Because it’s a short story, no?




You have to edit your story several times to give it that perfect mood that you are trying to incorporate. Unnecessary details have to be cut out and only include what’s important and that also doesn’t mean, your essay writer  write a half-baked story.

Experiment and see what works best for you. Your ending should also leave the readers in shock and they want to reread the story.

Proofreading is important and you have to give it time before finalizing. There is no hurry to end it abruptly and that is also a key to ruin a reader’s peace of mind.

Don’t do that, writers, and read your stories thrice or even more to get that perfect story.

That’s it, folks, and I hope you enjoyed reading this blog.  


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50 Generally Simple to Discredit Topics for your Dissident Paper
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