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Making Exploration Paper Beginner's Aide

Posted By Andy Martin     May 9, 2022    

Have you heard about the word “sentence outline” by an essay writer?

Or maybe your teacher asked you to write a sentence outline for your research topic?

If not, then your teacher may have given you a sentence outline for the ongoing lectures?


It is possible that you have not gone through any of these scenarios and you have not heard about the sentence outline. It is possible because we mostly write detailed outlines and do not focus on the one-sentence outlines as it is quite hard to limit your concepts in one line.


How to Write an Essay


No matter if you are a student from high school, college, or college, you have to go through a stage where your teacher will ask you to write an outline for the research work you are doing.


Making a sentence outline is the second stage of the research paper as generally, after the research proposal, you design an outline where you put every concept detail that you are going to add in the research and it is very organized. An expert essay writer or researcher always advises you to make an outline before writing the first draft so that concepts are clear in your mind. We can say that making an outline is important to the stage of the research work.

An outline can be the main skeleton of your work.


Why Sentence Outlines are Important?


Whenever you put together a lot of sentences in the proper format, it gives you the shape of the proper outline.

Yes, you do not need to extend one point for more than a sentence. One sentence is the limit here.

The reason is that sentences themselves carry a lot of concepts and details in them and before building a paper into proper paragraphs, the sentence outline can help you to see important details of the work. Then, after approval from the teacher or supervisor, it’s up to you if you want to convert this same outline in the first draft or if you want to make some changes.

Making an outline can save you from the rejection of your drafts.


Basic Sentence Outline Format


Now, the sentence outline can not be written like a basic paragraph but you have to follow a format for making an outline with the help of an essay writer online. The common format for making an outline is very influential and I have mentioned it below for you.


  •         Introduction


o   First sub-point


o   Background


o   Thesis statement


  •         First main point


o   Sub-point under 1st


o   Second subpoint under 1


  •         Second main point


o   Sub-point under 2


o   Second subpoint under 2


  •         Third main Point


o   Sub-point under 3


o   Second Sub-point under 3


  •         Conclusion


o   Rewrite thesis statement


o   Repeat main points


o   Thought provoking end line


The sentence outline is divided into the main point and the subpoints so, you have to write them down in this format. If you do not understand, you can take sample papers online from different websites that provide a essay writing service. They can help you out in getting the newly updated formats or they can assist you in writing outlines too, and they can even suggest your topics for your outline as well.

So, you have to make a choice about how you want to get your outline done. The freedom of choice is with you students.


Sample Sentence outline for Artificial Intelligence in Education


Do you believe in gaining knowledge only or doing the work practically?

Well, I like to work on the instructions I read and that’s why I am going to make a sample outline for you on the descriptive essay’s topic “Role of artificial intelligence in Education”. It will help you to figure out how work can be done and how you can make an effective sentence outline. So, let's make a sample outline, folks.


Sample Sentence Outline


  •         Introduction


o   It is said by Larry Page that “Artificial intelligence would be the ultimate version of Google and the ultimate search engine that would understand everything on the web”.

o   The start of artificial intelligence dates back to the time of the classical philosophers but AI as a proper field was founded in 1956.

o   Proper research in this field of AI started after 1997 when the research work paced up and made some inventions.

o   Thesis statement


  •         The role of AI in personalized Education is increasing in the 21st century.


o    Many companies utilize the Knowledge space theory to research and represent the knowledge gaps that exist in study schedules.

o   With the knowledge of space theory, companies can design and build personalized study schedules and take into account complex scientific concepts.


  •         AI helps to produce smart content for both students and customers.


o   Digital lessons are created through digital learning interfaces, digital textbooks, and bite-size lessons and plans.

o   With AI, companies and education institutes update the lesson’s content and customize existing work into multiple learning curves.


  •         AI is playing its role in providing education to students with different special needs.


o   The innovation of new technologies in AI is promoting new ideas for interaction with students who have special learning needs.


  •         Conclusion


o   Artificial intelligence plays an important role in the field of education and helps mankind to come up with new ideas to enhance learning for students and customers.

This is the most common format that is used in many research works and teachers prefer this format too because it saves you from a lot of struggle. To write my essay, I made this sentence outline first and after getting approval from the teacher, I changed it into the first draft. It worked better for me and you can benefit from it too.

So, what are you waiting for now as you know everything about the sentence outline? If you are planning to do some research work, make a research proposal and sentence outline and go to your teacher for approval. You will rock it for sure. Best of luck. 


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Making Exploration Paper Beginner's Aide
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