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70 Basic Subjects for Astute Article 2022

Posted By Andy Martin     May 9, 2022    

Writing outlines is very common in essays, where the first step is to brainstorm your ideas and write them in the form of an outline that helps to write an organized essay. When I write my essay, I write an outline first to create a vivid idea about what I need to include in the essay and what not to include.

What do you do when you are asked to write an essay or a research paper? Usually, when you are asked to write an essay or are assigned any writing project, you have to outline first to make a clear overview of what you wanted to include in the essay or the paper.

An outline is a list arranged in such a way that it shows the hierarchical structure or a kind of tree structure. It is used to represent the important points on the given subject or the topic.


There can be different kinds of outlines as well, depending on the writing genre and what is asked to write.

For an essay writer, it is easy to develop an outline, as they are engaged daily in making outlines and expressing their views in the essays they write.

Before going into the details of the types of the outline, consider the general formula of an outline, based on which an outline is formulated. This general formula comprises different components that are very important for your written piece of work. These components are as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Thesis statement
  • Body paragraphs
  • Conclusion and suggestion

These elements are very important when you develop your outline for your written work. It helps in the organization of the paper and the presentation of the information where it is needed.

In some papers, presenting an outline is compulsory before you present your essay. Your outline should be comprehensive enough to give its readers enough idea of what to expect in the essay with more detailed information. Instructors usually give an outline as an assignment in order to determine if their students understand how an essay should be organized and structured.

The different types of outlines include clusteringclassical outlineindex card outline, and summary outline.

  1. Clustering

Mind mapping or clustering is the most common type of outline used in the writing process. Many writers regard it as the basic step before writing any material. It is an organic and random form of an outline that consists of creating a network of ideas and information that will eventually become a part of your writing. It is the start of your writing process. The main idea is presented in the form of a bubble in the center from which the other branches of the information are generated. It creates a web-like shape after completion. The branches that connect with the bubble center are connected with the related information that revolves around the coordinating ideas. Normally, a small size paper can be enough for outlining but for larger works, a larger size paper will be needed for it by the essay writer.

  1. Classical outline

A classical outline is more organized and formal as compared to a cluster outline. In a classical outline, a letter, roman numerals, and numbers are usually included to make headings and subheadings. In this type of outline, the main idea is represented under the main heading, whereas the supporting information is presented under the section of sub-headings. This is an extremely systematized form of an outline that relies heavily on critical and sequential thinking; therefore, it is the first choice of professional writers in making the outlines of their writing process.

  1. Index Card outline

An index card outline is very popular among the other kinds of outlines as it allows the consistent organization and flow of ideas. In this kind of outline, the writer first creates a short synopsis which can be rearranged as per the will of the writer. This is very helpful for those writers who do not have a linear style of writing. Many employ the use of post-it notes, as they can be easily rearranged on wallboards, as compared to note cards. It offers a more visual view to keep the plot of the story in mind. It is also technically beneficial because programs such as Mac and PowerPoints’ keynote allows you to easily edit and create card outlines.

  1. Summary outline

This outline is mostly followed in academic writing, such as research papers. In a summary outline, the writers make the outline considering the chapters of the manuscript. This outline is an estimate of the chapters to be included in the manuscript based on which information is presented in these chapters. A summary of each chapter is written, which tells what is to be expected in these chapters. A clear aim of the chapters is defined and the elements or the characters are explained along with the setting and timeline. This is usually included in fictional stories or books, written in different chapters.

These outlines are opted for by writers depending on the subject and the topic they are going to write. An outline of a research paper would be different from the outline of a story. An essay writing service can be of much help in devising a proper outline for your paper.

No matter what you choose for your writing, it will help to make an outstanding piece of writing which is organized, well-developed, and revolves around a central theme of the subject.


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