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How do I get the Song of Resonance

Posted By hgdgsvhgvuj hgdgsvhgvuj     May 8, 2022    
The Song of Resonance is one of the most crucial unlocks for exploring Lost Ark Gold. It's described as opening "hidden areas," and some collectibles can't be earned without the ability to sing. It's also utilized as a part of NPC Rapports and quests.

The Song of Resonance can only be earned by buying it from a specified NPC named Treasure Hunter Igran. He's located on Deck Ship that is located on Pleccia island in the Sea of Gienah. It's situated to the west of Anikka.

When you're there, go to the south towards the Deck Ship and talk to the Treasure Hunter Igran. He'll provide items for purchase in exchange for Pirate coins, like the Song of Resonance.

It'll cost you around 16,500 Pirate coins, meaning you might need to do some farming before getting it. If you do not have enough look through your inventory for Coin Chests. When you open them, you have a chance of earning several types of Coins which can be exchanged for Pirate Coins. Talk to the Traveling Merchants who are scattered throughout ports. You can also use the standard methods to earn more, such as quests and dailies.

Once you're there, head towards the east to toward the Deck Ship and talk to the Treasure Hunter Igran Lost Ark Gold for sale. He'll give you items to purchase in exchange for Pirate coins, like The Song of Resonance.
How do I get the Song of Resonance
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