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Which class in World of Warcraft Classic TBC is worth choosing?

Posted By MengQian John     April 25, 2022    
The Burning Crusade has done great things for class balance, and it provides players with many more viable options. Whether you want to be the best PVPer, the best DPS in TBC, the best tank or the best healer, you can choose a main Cheap TBC Classic Gold character from them. By decomposing the ranking of each World of Warcraft Classic TBC class in PVE and PVP scenarios, we clearly understand their strengths and weaknesses, and evaluate their success in PVE and PVP to help you choose in The Burning Crusade A class that suits you.DruidDruid is a class worth looking forward to in WoW Classic TBC. Players who choose Druid have a large number of expanded options in TBC, allowing them to compete in PVE and PVP environments, with special emphasis on the success of PVP. TBC improves the Moonkin experience from Vanilla WoW's OOMkin dilemma and provides them with Insect Swarm, thus pushing the balance druid forward. Feral druids also gained some extra power in their bloodshed and are flexible arena competitors. However, some new changes in Power Shifting will take some time to adapt. Although there are some new tank games and some nerfs, Feral druids is still as successful as ever. Finally, Resto druids is the king of the TBC Arena. It has been greatly improved in PVE. In the expansion, the limitation of 1 healing spell over time has been removed, which means that multiple Rejuvenations can be stacked.HunterHunter is a class that struggles in Vanilla WoW but shines in WoW Classic TBC. In Classic TBC, Hunter will be the most dangerous DPS second only to Warlock in PVE, and the method is much simpler. Hunters absolutely took over The Burning Crusade, they were able to adjust the entire rotation into a single button with a simple macro. BM will dominate every time, but other specifications can also be played. Hunters also brought some useful practical spells to PVP in the arena. Players don't have to worry about the deadzone problem because it has been removed in TBC. However, due to the lack of real-time control, traps are still only melee range, so other DPS options will Buy TBC Classic Gold pass them on in PVP.MageFrom the history of World of Warcraft, we can see that Mage has always been a good choice, but TBC is not their shiny moment in PVE. WoW Classic TBC opens up some new ways for mages, including the use of Arcane spec. However, many people will be loyal to Fire. Although it is not a top caster like Vanilla WoW, it is also a good choice in PVE. Because Frost's control is incredible, more spells have opened the door for Mages to truly gain a foothold in the arena environment, so Mage has a huge position in PVP.PaladinPaladin is one of the biggest improvements from Vanilla WoW to TBC. Players can finally choose Paladins in The Burning Crusade. For Horde players, if you choose Paladin, you will be able to use the holy light next to the plate armor. Although Retribution has gained more spells and consistency, it is still lower than the burden on the leaderboard. However, Holy has a powerful utility package, and it is still one of the most powerful therapists in the game that can help the arena. It is worth noting that Protection is the real MVP, it is the best tank in the TBC game!By the way, there have been many fraudulent websites on the Internet recently, causing losses to many players. The security of online stores has also become one of the factors players need to consider. I recommend MMORPGMALL to you, the security of this website has been verified by users.
Which class in World of Warcraft Classic TBC is worth choosing?

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