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Best Tanks in WOW TBC Classic - Classes And Their Tiers

Posted By MengQian John     April 25, 2022    
If you have played retail World of Warcraft or World of Warcraft Classic before, you should know that Warriors, as a melee class, can not only play the role of tank to create opportunities for teammates, but also give full play to their combat capabilities and cause a lot of damage to the enemy during the battle. In Burning Crusade Classic, players have to choose between two main positions. If you choose to become a fighter DPS, then you are a secondary character, because Mages and Hunters are undoubtedly the strongest DPS. If you choose to become a tank, there will be some other classes competing with you.There are only three potential specs that guilds will use to tank in raids, and every has its benefits. One spec stands out because the strongest from start to end throughout the WOW TBC Gold expansion, but there is a good chance you will see guilds clearing content with all three different spec throughout TBC.Feral Druid - Tier1Feral Druid tanks have the most effective armor within the game with their bear form. they're going to compete with Warriors because the strongest tanks early within the game, but in later phases, they're going to likely become the highest dogs.Additionally, they bring about powerful utility to raids through debuffs like Faire Fire and Mangle, further as buffs like Mark of the Wild, Thorns, and Leader of the Pack.Protection Warrior - Tier2Warrior tanking changes significantly from Classic to TBC. While Classic was all about finding the proper balance between Fury and Protection, everyone are deep in Protection for TBC and highly value more defensive stats and equipment.They will Buy WOW TBC Classic Gold start out the expansion strong, but are overtaken by Feral Druids anon. They're going to still likely be usable throughout TBC whether or not some fights are more suitable for Feral or Paladin.Protection Paladin - Tier2Protection Paladins are the gods of AoE tanking. They will not likely ever be the highest tanks within the game because of potential single-target threat issues.They will earn a spot in many raids during TBC Classic to fill AoE tanking needs and buff their raids with Blessing of Kings and Blessing of Sanctuary.More importantly, MMORPGMALL can not only provide quality services, but also find ways to reduce product prices, thereby helping customers save money. So, if you want to buy cheap WOW TBC Gold but are worried about being deceived, I recommend you to use the service of MMORPGMALL.
Best Tanks in WOW TBC Classic - Classes And Their Tiers

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