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WOW TBC Classic: Will the Classic server add new content along with the second phase?

Posted By MengQian John     Apr 25    
Recently, players who are still playing Class 60 Classic servers want to know one thing, and that is whether the Classic servers will be updated with the arrival of the second phase of TBC Classic. Because Blizzard has released more and more news about WOW TBC Classic.During this period, people have more and more speculations about other areas of the classic experience. At the same time, loyal fans are still waiting for Xue's next major announcement about the second stage of World of Warcraft TBC Classic. When Classic was launched in 2019, it was very popular, although most players have now moved from Classic servers to TBC Classic.But it may be difficult to see many players return to the basic experience in the future, because the second stage of World of Warcraft TBC Classic will soon arrive. The first stage of the raid was included in the World of Warcraft Classic public test realm launched by Blizzard not long ago, which can not help but make players think. Despite this, fans may still not be able to Buy TBC Classic Gold start again in Azeroth, because this does not mean that Blizzard intends to launch a new server for the Classic era.But if Blizzard does this, they may be more popular with players, because fans reacted positively to this matter. Many loyal players of World of Warcraft Classic shared their own reactions in the community. One of the players stated that he has played OG vanilla, vanilla private servers, and classic. TBC Classic is his favorite expansion, and he enjoys the content. But if he sees a fresh Classic server when logging in to TBC Classic, he will definitely play fresh.Another player said that he can try new things every time in vanilla WoW, such as going to another faction to play a class he has never played before. So vanilla WoW will never be out of date. But this may not be for everyone. If he wants to explain, he thinks new server, new faction, class all of it combines to meeting new people/friends, memes created are all important.However, it is difficult for most players to start a new character in the Classic server now, because many important factors have disappeared. As the server population continues to drain, it becomes more and more difficult for players to TBC Classic Gold team up. So the excitement at the beginning has also declined, and everything on the server has become less attractive.However, according to reports, Blizzard issued a new investigation to players not long ago, and one of the issues involved the new server. So I think this kind of thing may happen in the future, and I look forward to Blizzard's announcement of this major event in the future.In addition, Blizzard's launch of the second phase of the TBC Classic date is unlikely to change too much, because the development team has made some changes to the PTR version and confirmed that there is no problem. Are you interested in the update of the Classic server? By the way, if you want to buy some TBC Classic Gold and prepare for the upcoming update, I recommend you to buy some from MMORPGMALL.
WOW TBC Classic: Will the Classic server add new content along with the second phase?

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