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WoW TBC Classic: How players enter Tempest Keep

Posted By MengQian John     April 25, 2022    
In the second phase of the World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic game, one of the latest raids added is Storm Fortress. Like many other raids in TBC, players can not directly enter the raids when they can play. If the player wants to enter the raid, he must first complete a considerable adjustment process of the Stormy Fortress.The highest-level WoW TBC Classic players must complete two separate mission chains to enter Tempest Keep. One of the mission chains takes place in the open world, while the other is mainly limited to some dungeons in the WOW TBC Classic Gold game. In addition to these tasks, players must also complete some of the raids in the first stage of TBC before they can start the second stage of raids.Pick up the task "Gul'dan's Hand" and start cursing the password task chain. Alliance players can receive this quest in Wildhammer Fortress, and Horde players can receive the quest in Shadowmoon Village. This task will open a long task chain, allowing players to embark on a vast journey through the outer domain. After the task is completed, the chain will be divided into three separate parts, which must also be completed. Complete three separate parts of the task chain that requires the player to collect "cursed fragments". After collecting the three fragments, complete the last mission in the chain by defeating the Flame King Seruk at the Altar of Domination.After completing the Cursed Code quest chain, the player will receive an email from Khadgar, who will summon the player to Shattrath City. When the player gets there, the player will talk to Naru Adar, located in the center of the city, and begin another lengthy quest chain that includes visiting four separate TBC dungeons. Unlike the traditional dungeon clearing, the player must complete it within the urgent time of heroic difficulty. There is no time limit for these challenges in the quest chain, but please make sure to loot the final boss of each dungeon, because they will drop the items needed to complete the quest chain. Once the player successfully completes the WOW Classic TBC Gold dungeon and saves Millhouse, the player can return to A'dal to start the last step of the tuning chain.Once the player has cleared all the necessary dungeons needed to advance the quest chain, A'dal will send the player into the Magetheridon's Lair raid. Players need to return to Adal after defeating Magtheridon. After that, Nauru will reward the player with the "Storm Key", which is an item needed to open the gate of the Storm Fortress. With the key, the player can enter the raid without any problems. In this process, players will need to consume a large amount of WOW TBC Classic Gold. If you are worried about the lack of Gold in WoW TBC Classic, MMORPGMALL will solve all your worries and their professional services are always satisfactory.
WoW TBC Classic: How players enter Tempest Keep

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