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Lost Ark: The complete guide to shining knight statue

Posted By Mike Noah     April 7, 2022    
Awakening Skills are one of the most potent abilities in Lost Ark, serving as a finishing ability for classes as they reach higher levels. You won't gain access to them until you get to level 50 and complete a long chain of quests called awakening quests.

One of these quests is called "The Warrior's Oath" and is the key to unlocking the first Awakening Skill for Warrior classes, including the advanced Berserker, Paladin, and Marksman classes. To finish this quest, you'll need to travel to the Tomb with the Fantastic King of Luterra and take an oath in front of the statues of ancient warriors.

Where is the Shining Knight statue in Lost Ark?

One of the two statues you need to find and interact with is the Radiant Knight statue. The quest "The Warrior's Oath" continues where the previous quest "The Pride of the Warrior" begins. After gaining the power of the souls of the Lutheran Elite Knights, Bowen will invite you to visit their statues to pay your respects.

The quest is simple. It will take you through the Forest of Lastra in the northeast part of the Sunbright Hill map. The Forest of the Last map will look like it has forks, but don't worry; every path leads to the same destination, and you won't miss a single Lost Ark collectible if you go one way or the other. You have to fight several bosses, after which you will reach the portal of light. Pass through it to the Tomb of the Great King of Luterra.

Walk forward and down the platform to another boss fighting two armored knights. Once they've been defeated, head up the stairs and turn right. You will see a door with two giant statues on the sides. The statue to the right of the door is the Radiant Knight. Just interact with him to complete this part of the quest.
Lost Ark: The complete guide to shining knight statue

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