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Dual wield Magic: exact same as above

Posted By Dragon born     March 29, 2022    

I'm not the best at combat , but these are what I believe to RS Gold be pretty decent (probably not the greatest, but they are effective.) Melee dual wield = go through the basics such as Sever, Decimate Slice, Punish (in the same order) and then utilize the thresholds assault, destroy Slaughter, Assault (+ kick ability or move beneath the opponent if they're larger than 1x1) with any sequence you wish.

Dual wield Ranged: Cycle through the fundamentals of Shooting techniques: Fragmentation and Needle Strike Piercing shot, Ricochet, and then apply thresholds Snapshot, Rapid Fire, Tight Bindings at any time. Bombardment works too if you have monsters within close proximity to each other and have spare adrenaline.

2h Ranged: exact identical as above but switch Needle Strike to Dazing shot. 2h Magic: cycle through the fundamentals Dragon breath chain (ONLY if targeting multiple monsters it's not very effective as the basic method against one victim) Combust, Sonic Wave, Impact, Wrack, and then switch the thresholds Wild Magic and Asphyxiate.

Dual wield Magic: exact same as above but swap Sonic Wave for Concentrated blast. I don't use 2h Melee, so I don't know much there. Some useful tips when using Snapshot and Fragmentation shots right before snapping the damage per second is incredible. If you apply Bombardment just prior to Tight Bindings you will get a good damage stack.

If you've got Sacrifice you should utilize it as often as you can, and try to get those KO's with it to heal your body. Utilize Sunshine and runescape buying account Death's Swiftness as often as you can. Berserk is also useful for Melee but isn't that great for Slayer since it only lasts for 20 seconds. If you ask PK'ers, they're really knowledgeable in combat, and I've probably missed a few things.
Dual wield Magic: exact same as above
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