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Guillaume Amontons

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Guillaume Amontons

He was a French physicist and technician who worked on measuring instruments - do my homework services (air thermometers, hygrometers), the properties of gases and optical telegraphs. He suspected the existence of a lowest possible temperature.

Guillaume Amontons lived in the era of the development of classical physics - do my php homework . He was a contemporary of Isaac Newton (1643-1727), Robert Hoke (1635-1703), Robert Boyle (1627-1691) and Christiaan Huygens (1629-1695). There were first attempts to construct engines and steam engines in his time. In France, Ludwig XIV, the "Sun King", had ruled in absolutist style since 1643.

Life and work

Only few details are known about the life of Guillaume Amontons. He was born in Paris on 31 August 1663, the son of a lawyer. During his school years he lost his hearing. However, this did not hinder him in his studies - chemistry homework solver , but increased his zeal. Contemporaries report that he refused any medical help for fear that if he regained his hearing he would be distracted from his studies by the noise of the world. Throughout his life, Amontons worked scientifically. In recognition of his achievements, he was admitted to the Paris Academy of Sciences in 1699. Guillaume Amontons died in Paris on 11 October 1705.

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Guillaume Amontons

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