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Lost Ark: It seems to be a very difficult thing to meet the entry standards to challenge Argos

Posted By Anne Bullock     March 19, 2022    
For the new endgame campaign, it seems that fewer players are ready for it than expected. The boss battle, called Abyssal Raid, is designed for eight players who will fight together against a guardian named Argos. By the way, if you need Lost Ark Gold, you can buy Lost Ark Gold for cheap and 100% safe at

Players need to be on the third tier and at item level 1370 to reach it. Whereas in Lost Ark, providing item levels is usually done by tempering equipment, which requires not only a regular infusion of crafting materials but also good luck. The failure probability of each step is slightly higher, and the player needs to use another dose of crafting materials to try again, which is really a difficult process.

In a new announcement, Amazon Games explained that it was a mistake to release the March update too quickly, and that they analyzed data with Smilegate RPG, showing that the majority of players are up to the level of challenging Argos. However, they ignore some issues including players spending a lot of money on hone materials.

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In order to reach item level 1370, the crafting materials needed by players are much scarcer than expected, so few players can clear the third level without spending money.

Amazon Games says they don't need players to feel rushed in their pursuit of item level 1370, they consider offering Argos at launch, and Abyssal Raid will serve as an important stepping stone to help bridge the gap with the yet-to-be-finished end-game campaign, Released in Lost Ark in the West.

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Lost Ark: It seems to be a very difficult thing to meet the entry standards to challenge Argos

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