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It is perhaps the most sought-after abilities among RuneScape player

Posted By Meade Dorian     Mar 10    
The other thing that I'd like to know is the proper recharge times of the abilities. Jagex is notoriously irritating in its determination to use seconds RuneScape 2007 Gold, being rounded off with no precision, as opposed to using decimal value or refer to it as "game ticks". Additionally, you should NOT be asking pkers regarding dps. DPS is important in Pking. It's more about stuns or defensives, prayer interrupts and high-burst damage combos. If you try to pk someone using the traditional pvm approach, they'll tank you for long periods of time.

I just purchased I just purchased the Spider Orb from the Grand Exchange and put it to use to fight under the Barbarian Village. One thing I noticed is that the animation seems to suggest that the spell is coming from the Spider Orb (And not the Spider Wand, which I also own).

On a Runescape Wiki, I read the following about The Spider Orb: "The Spider orb is a magic orb placed in the shield slot. The item requires twenty Magic to be worn. It's the off-hand equivalent of the spider wand, and allows players to cast spells by using the off-hand slot."

The thing I'm not understanding is that it is an off-hand version of the spider wand. It lets you cast spells with the off-hand slot. What exactly does this mean and should I be using it at all? In addition, I don't understand what "off-hand slot" is.

If you're like me, you've noticed , there are dual wielding weapons nowadays. Prior to this (as in the early days of the Evolution of Combat) in addition to 2 handed weapons your only options were to use a one handed weapon with the use of a shield or perhaps an offensive shield slot like a Defender (or a God book Buy RS Gold, but they were still shields in theory. So now you have an extra choice - you can wield a weapon and a shield for extra defensive bonuses (and can use a couple shield only.
It is perhaps the most sought-after abilities among RuneScape player

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