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When compared to the void Nerf the nerf worked

Posted By Dragon born     March 10, 2022    

Hi , I'm pondering what I can bind with my current prom 2h and gorg platebody. I've never done a lot of dg, so I'm currently in lvl 90 but am planning to work on it more during eoc. So, what sort of things can I add to OSRS Buy Gold my arsenal?

The highest class you can wear, clearly. If you're looking for something else to try something different, consider the hybrid option instead with less defense, but greater versatility. It is possible to replace this leg piece using BN or Hex in the event that you discover one of those. Hex is still broken in eoc though. Surgebox is now glitched in the current game, and it will be obsolete by the time eoc launches because staves are the source of all runes in elemental form.

When compared to the void Nerf the nerf worked because of the people I've seen making use of it, and even using it myself a few times. It was outrageous. It was more than half the potential for damage. What is it this that isn't clear?

Do you remember how they claimed that Korasi's car was overpowered? Dharok's was similar but it was overpowered. It was ridiculously overpowered, in fact. It's logical that it's going to be nerfed down to any other Barrows gear.

The problem is that you don't get it, Jagex doesn't understand the concept of an nerf. The purpose of nerfs is to stop something being overpowered and restore it to a stage where it is acceptable. Jagex has created Dharoks as a second set of gear that is generic and level 70 that's useless in comparison to Cheap RuneScape 2007 Gold Veracs. Jagex have to stop transforming usable content into useless content. Barrows is only a few releases away from becoming completly redundant as it stands.
When compared to the void Nerf the nerf worked
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