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Lost Ark Stronghold Manor Rank 2 Upgrade

Posted By aliver aliver     March 9, 2022    

If you're at the bottom of cheap Lost Ark Gold a mountain of exotic substances and wish to increase your strength quickly There's an exchange vendor near the spawning area of the island. They'll convert rare materials to common versions. They are located right beside your island's rotating trade merchant. You can also exchange seals earned from crew missions in this location, but the conversion rate isn't always one-to-one.

We've covered the essentials of your stronghold up to this point but your player home may provide additional services and goods with enough investments. Let's quickly go over some features that unlock in your stronghold as you raise its level and complete specific research tasks.

Trade Merchants

Trade merchants are temporary merchants which offer unique products. These merchants can swap seals gathered from missions for rare supplies, craft recipes, collectible items, and even crew members for your ship. Vendors come and go from your strengthhold, so make certain to visit your stronghold each day to check what's in stock.

Resource Farm

Once you've completed your "A Verdant Country" toughhold challenge, you'll be able to unlock a portal that leads to the dedicated resource farm located on your stronghold. This farm will grow material for trading skills for you to harvest every day, although there's a major caveat it is that you can't trade and sell the materials you've earned from this farm. You can only use them to craft. This island also provides special resources that are used to craft chest bundles within your workshop. Crafted items made with these materials can be traded between other users.


When your stronghold has reached the level of ten, you'll be able to access an option to feast. Feasts enable you to create powerful consumable items which grant two hours of buffs to you and any other members of your stronghold. These buffs are extremely powerful They can be combined with other consumable items, and are able to be used even after death.

Special Station Missions

When you reach level 50, and Lost Ark Gold complete the complete the quest "Ealyn's Requirement" at north Vern unlocks Chaos Dungeons and, by extension the special missions you can undertake for your station. Special missions are similar to normal station missions, except that they provide loot for the endgame which replaces a traditional endgame activity. For example the Chaos Dungeon special mission will give Chaos Dungeon loot when completed alongside the usual station mission rewards. These can be counted toward your daily limit on endgame (Chaos Dungeon resonance Soul extractions for Guardian Raid and so on).
Lost Ark Stronghold Manor Rank 2 Upgrade
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