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Lost Ark: The March Update will bring new storylines and endgame content

Posted By Anne Bullock     March 3, 2022    

Following the successful launch of Lost Ark in North America, the game's developers announced that they would be rolling out more content on a regular basis starting in March, including new stories and raids. By the way,MMOWTS is selling low-priced, 100% safe Lost Ark Gold. If you need a lot of Lost Ark Gold during the game, you can visit MMOWTS to buy Lost Ark Gold at a discounted price.

Lost Ark was previously released in South Korea in 2019, and the Korean version is currently leading the North American version. The developers also said that a lot of content in the Korean version has not yet made it into its European and American versions. However, some content will be Get Lost Ark Gold Currency From MMOWTS released starting this month, with new storylines and raids coming as well as some general changes and updates.

The new storyline will bring new missions, islands and animations to the game. A bunch of new and returning characters are also coming, and you can focus on Stellar and the first Guardian Killer, the legendary Cardan.

Before accepting the new quests, players first need to complete Feiton and the quests "Yorn - Let There Be Light," "Whispering Islet - Start of Our Story," and "Illusion Bamboo Island - End of the Trials".

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The second March content will include the new Abyssal Raid, Argos. The raid is similar to the Guardian raid, where the player needs to defeat the Guardian within a limited time. Additionally, in the Bafang content, players will battle larger bosses through three stages and pick up weekly rewards. Additionally, Argos will be available in Abyssal Raid Idols located in various regions of the game.

Lost Ark is an MMOARPG and it is currently a free-to-play game on PC. The game quickly became the second most-played game in Steam history at launch, and it's believed that new content in the future will keep Lost Ark Buy Gold players even busier.

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Lost Ark: The March Update will bring new storylines and endgame content

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