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Lost Ark: Players want the game team to change the Surrender Vote Feature

Posted By Anne Bullock     February 24, 2022    

In Lost Ark, the surrender vote feature seems to have become a popular weapon that can be used to disrupt raiding demons and villains, and players say they don't like it.

The surrender voting system is the latest feature that fans of Lost Ark are concerned about, a system that was supposed to get Cheap Lost Ark Gold players out of an unwinnable raid, but it appears that a small number of players are abusing the system.

A Lost Ark addressed the issue in a Reddit thread, stating that some players would act recklessly during raids, which ended up in disaster. Afterwards, some players will send a surrender vote even though the other players still have a chance to save the team.

Also, if developers had better integrated the surrender vote with Lost Ark's UI, the problem might not have gotten worse. Instead, the game just opens a large window on the screen. The pop-up window will block part of the floor, making it difficult for players to move and avoid attacks, which is a serious problem in MMOAPRG games like Lost Ark. Moreover, these flaws make surrender voting a popular tool for victims who deliberately start voting at inconvenient times.

In fact, developers can solve this problem in several ways. One player suggested letting players customize where these windows appear on the screen, which is also a feature of some older MMORPGs like 2011's Rift. This can not only solve the problem at this stage, but also solve the general problem of too many pop-up windows in the game. Alternatively, Smilegate can also relegate the voting window to a corner of the UI, or display it somewhere on the screen in the form of a transparent "press X to surrender" timer. The premise of all these assumptions, though, is of course that the capitulation voting system still needs to exist.

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Lost Ark: Players want the game team to change the Surrender Vote Feature

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