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RuneScape - If you want to play the shield slot

Posted By MMOruki Ruffymmo     February 19, 2022    

Oh! I too wanted to be an Mage xD.. But OSRS gold i ended up getting melee more powerful... Perhaps because Mage is not the best choice for combat in the event that you're using an ancient spellbook that has extremely powerful spells. However, they cost around 1k each time you cast. Plus, melee just rules! In barrows however, Mage is better as their armor (the lvl115s) are some of/the highest melee defences available in game.. With a very lower defense to magic. Also, prayer is one of the most effective skills u can train.. Totaly worth the cost... Keep working to keep your skills, but keep away from grinding.. Be happy playing.

To get full torags, you don't need the hammer. Costs like under 900k. It's among/the best melee-based defs in the game. and much cheaper than veracs (veracs is helm that on its own is around 900k+). Prob is, all Barrows armour degrades while in combat.. The brks are completely destroyed after 15 hours of battle..

After that, you'll have to fix them, which is around 230k to repair all of the armour. Next for a Wep, whip is great for atk and def but you must get an Dragon Scimmy blade or Brackish for str. Dragon scimmy is cheaper than a brackish, (50k, as opposed to 500k) however it requires the completion of monkey-related madness..

A saradomin sword is much better for str, but it's priced at 4m-5m so you won't be able to be able to afford it. If you want to play the shield slot (unless ur tanking, or fighting drags) Dragon defenders are the most efficient. It's not traded, but you have to destroy cyclopes within the upper levels that are part of the warriors guild in order to acquire them..

After having earned tokens, head over to the cyclopes, and on "all tokens" mode fight them.. When u kill them, it is possible that one of them drops is a defender of the nxt the tier.. Example: U kill a cyclops without cheap RS gold weilding any defender, it could drop an oblong defender..
RuneScape - If you want to play the shield slot
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