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Lost Ark:Eight servers go live in a new region called Europe West

Posted By Anne Bullock     February 19, 2022    

This year's exciting new MMO Lost Ark is largely an exciting new queue simulator for European players. Amazon appears to be correctly predicting the number of players logging into North American servers,which have largely avoided queues since launch,but game publishers seem to underestimate the general popularity of PC games in the European region, which has deep math. The game especially some pretty lady players.

Eight servers in a new region called Europe West have gone live.Amazon said in a statement that it had preset a new region to reduce,rather than eliminate,queue times in central Europe.If you choose Western Europe,you are unlikely to have to wait in long lines.

It's worth noting that if you move to a new area,you can continue to use your Royal Crystals and Crystal Auras.However, you cannot take away items that you have exchanged,claimed or obtained.

Lost Ark doesn't allow server transfers,and the temptation to move to a new area is to reduce queue time,which you can weigh against the progress you're making on your current server.Some people thought Lost Ark was going to get more and more ridiculous,but that all became redundant as it continued to run hot.However,early games did feel dreary at times,and it's hard to imagine some players wanting to experience it all over again.

Additionally,players restarting on the European West server will receive a daily login bonus for the last 10 days and a special daily attendance bonus for the first 10 days of the European West server launch. Players who have purchased the Founders Pack and have redeemed the exclusive items contained within will be rewarded with those exclusive items,plus more Lost Ark Royal Crystal currency.The crystal is available to everyone,not just European players,you can get it on any server.This may be to encourage people to migrate from busy to quieter servers.If you've purchased the Founders Pack by February 14th,you'll be able to claim your bonus on February 19th.

Finally,by the way.If you currently have characters created in Japan,Korea and Russia,and you are short of Lost Ark Gold,you can go to MMOWTS to buy some for use.Or,if you want a better gaming experience in the Western version of Lost Ark,you can also sign up as a member of MMOWTS.It's worth noting that once you sign up,you can get up to 5% off when you buy Lost Ark Gold at!

Lost Ark:Eight servers go live in a new region called Europe West

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