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New World: Valentine's Day cosmetics caused a server crash error

Posted By Anne Bullock     February 10, 2022    
Many players are no longer unfamiliar with New World's various errors when releasing updates, but this Valentine's Day cosmetics also caused a serious server crash error. As a result, many players felt that New World could slow down the update and instead focus on fixing the current overall state of the game.

Players were baffled when Amazon pulled a variety of Valentine's Day-themed cosmetics from stores just hours after they went on sale at New World yesterday. It appears that these skins have potential bugs that could crash the New World Coins server. Amazon says players who have already purchased the skins can continue to use them, and when the fix is ​​complete, the skins will also return to the store.

This won't be the last serious bug to hit New World, as you know, Amazon has disabled the in-game trading system several times in the months since the game launched in September 2021 to fix item and coin duplication bugs . Although, Amazon is quick to fix these bugs every time. However, it seems that this is a bad situation to encounter whenever New World releases new content.

Amazon has announced that New World won't receive any new content in February, instead focusing on delivering quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes for the game's next update. The New World team said they learned in a recent developer update that more time was needed to update the game in the public beta area, which could allow them to spot potential game-breaking issues.

New World recently offered new endgame content in the form of Mutant Crusades, which allows players to participate in harder versions of dungeons at higher difficulty levels, which at the same time allow you to earn better rewards.

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New World: Valentine's Day cosmetics caused a server crash error

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