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RuneScape - The goal of Herb runs is to Herb Run

Posted By MMOruki Ruffymmo     February 9, 2022    

Herb runs make an average income of 2-4 million per hour. However, it has the downside that you're able to OSRS gold take 6 minutes at every 2 hours or less. It's a great opportunity to break away from whatever you're doing, such as nolifing skills, or kick off or end your session of RS. If you're looking for a rate of over 4m per hour Don't cultivate Herbs.

The goal of Herb runs is to Herb Run is get in the fastest possible time to all Herb patches that are to hand, collect plants to sell them for cash, and replant the seeds to be harvested later. Utilizing the finest equipment and using all 5 patches you can complete the run in under 6 minutes, with the timer starting after you have teleported to Trollheim and finishing after each patch is harvested and replanted, and all tools can be stored.

There is no limit to the number of times you can use it. Ardougne Cloak 4 could be substituted with the Ardougne Cloak 2 or 3 However, these Cloaks are able to only utilize the Farm patch once per day. If you want to, you can use Teleport towards North Ardougne (must unlock at Livid Farm) but that will take you a considerable distance from the Farming patches. Teleport to Catherby is possible to substitute with the Teleport to Camelot or the Camelot tab. This Trollheim Patch cannot be diseased/die. Magic Secateurs are optional but can increase Herb yield.

Currently I'm unsure whether it is worth the effort to use Juju Farming potions . Although they're helpful but they require a long time to gather the ingredients to create. However, they do provide Torstol seeds an option for profit, giving the average more than Snapdragon even on patches that are different than the Trollheim patch.

Herb runs earn an average return of 2-4m per hour, but with the disadvantage that it is only possible to take 6 minutes at every 2 hours or less. It's a good option to take a break from whatever you're doing, such as nolifing a skill, or to get started or finish your session of RS. If you're a fan of time that's over 4m per hour and buy rs07 fire cape you are not farming, don't. Herbs.
RuneScape - The goal of Herb runs is to Herb Run
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