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No it's not, they removed the limit for trades

Posted By Dragon born     February 6, 2022    

No it's not, they removed the limit for trades but it's still the same as before. I would suggest practicing in edgeville with OSRS Gold melee until you have the sling. It's basically an ammo slingshot which has unlimited ammunition, get higher defence first so you can train at better places (cockroaches as well as spiders)

In a training melee context where defense does not matter it is only the attack and prayer are considered. In pc the prayer can be useful as is the attack. Prayer bonuses don't affect DPSs as much as it affects consumption of the prayer pot if you're doing an intense prayer outside of the PC. This means that it's down to 10 attack and 4 str. Which one is superior? I believe that, in the right conditions str amy may be better than an eminence. PC is the instance I've used thru out.

The Fury appears to be the best of both worlds as it keeps the same attack, but reduces the str gap by half, making it much more suitable in every situation. With the additional prayer and the 15 defense for everything, it's so easy to understand why it's hundreds of thousands of dollars.

There is no such thing as cash, and furies are so fragile that i am not at all comfortable with them (even I am right at the moment) and i'd like to hear what you think... Do you guys think? Is the only thing that shines is come from the str ammy? There are other instances other than PCs where the strammy could shine?

Well, I personally cut for about an hour each day and Buy RuneScape Gold went from 80 to 99 within three months. It's a lot of fun however, so you'll be cutting between 26 and 35 days. I'm sorry but I don't disagree with this in any way however I'm only at 91 woodcutting. However, I paced myself for 1 hour without getting lost and got about the 77k mark .... according to your table I should be able to have gotten 93k. .... And yes, I used a dragon hatchet...
No it's not, they removed the limit for trades
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