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WOW TBC Claissic: Phase 3 content includes Battle for Mount Hyjal and Black Temple as well as new Arena content

Posted By Anne Bullock     January 28, 2022    
WoW Classic TBC Phase 3 includes tons of awesome new content for you to explore. These include the iconic raids The Mount Hyjal, The Black Temple, and Arena Season 3, among others.

The Battle for Mount Hyjal is the easiest of the two new Phase 3 raids in World of Warcraft TBC, which is a great thing for players who need to complete it first to fully adjust to The Black Temple . Players will face five powerful WOW Classic TBC Gold bosses in The Battle for Mount Hyjal, they are Archimonde, Rage Winterchill, Anetheron, Kaz'rogal and Azgalor.

The main thing you need to watch out for in this raid is its extremely dangerous trash wave system and AOE damage, as well as the fear from the final boss Archimonde. Your team needs to have the right DPS and tanks in place.

The Black Temple is one of the most iconic raids in World of Warcraft history, as well as the final challenge of the third phase of the World of Warcraft TBC Classic. To complete this raid, players first need to clear The Battle for Mount Hyjal to ensure coordination, and then face the Illidan Stormrage by eliminating numerous enemies in the Black Temple.

You need to defeat nine monster bosses in The Black Temple, it's a very challenging raid, it even goes further than Tempest Keep and Serpentshrine Cavern, you can spend weeks to complete it, Please be patient and confident. Black Temple provides players with TBC's first Legendary item, the Warglaives of Azzinoth, a main-hand and off-hand sword that any rogue or warrior would want to have.

In the third season of TBC Arena, PVP has also become easier, you can get the equipment of the first season through honor, and the equipment of the second season no longer needs to be obtained through a specific arena level. These all provide a starting point for players to better participate in the third season, rather than the hopeless grind of the past.

Arena Season 3 will also make some changes to matchmaking, expanded rating searches, which will allow teams from farther apart to be matched, which should improve arena queue times, though, which also means more blowout gameplay , however, it will also give you more playtime.

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WOW TBC Claissic: Phase 3 content includes Battle for Mount Hyjal and Black Temple as well as new Arena content

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