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We took a slam from Most Feared for the Madden 22

Posted By MMOruki Ruffymmo     January 23, 2022    

The Ultimate Team mode features the Madden 22 Bo Knows promo in a variety of ways. There's a Starter Pack for Madden 22 coins MUT fans when they access the mode. The pack gives players the total 85 Bo Jackson card shown below. It comes with 83 trucking, carrying 83, 82 speed, 82 Break Tackle, and 80 Agility as well as other key attributes. It could be a fantastic start-up card for people who are new into the Ultimate Team mode.

There's also a new Superstar X-Factor to honor the video game legend. Gamers have the ability to "Dominate using the custom 'Bo Knows' Superstar X-Factor ability developed to recreate the mythical range of Bo Knows himself," according to EA. The promotion also extends to two other highly-rated Madden 22 modes: Superstar KO and The Yard. Bo is now part of The Yard draft as well as the Superstar KO draft and based according to EA's information the Superstar X-Factor is "always on."

Within The Yard, the Madden 22 Bo Knows promotion has been able to take to the Nike headquarters. Gamers will find limited-time gear releases, such as special "Bo Knows-themed Nike designs as well as Nike Air Bo Turf shoes."

The release of Most Feared having come and gone for Halloween, EA Madden's Ultimate Team shifts to the next holiday promotion. The Madden 22 Thanksgiving Promo, also called Harvest, has its first player cards unveiled ahead of the release. The most notable of them are the defensive star Chase Young and wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders. They and others will get upgraded cards for the MUT promo.

We took a slam from Most Feared for the Madden 22 Thanksgiving special, Harvest 1. Information was released during Good Morning Madden on Twitch as well as @EASPORTS_MUT on Twitter. The player cards in the promo will have ratings ranging starting at 84 OVR Elites, up to buy madden coins cheap a the 94 OVR Champion player.
We took a slam from Most Feared for the Madden 22

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