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New World players try to let developers live stream their own games

Posted By ZZTTT ZZTTT     December 13, 2021    

On the game's forum, angry players called on the developers of New World to broadcast live through Myrkgard's endgame area. The latest worries of New World are related to the elite endgame area called Myrkgard and the development team's decision to change the size of the enemy in that area. Secondly, players can collect more New World Gold while doing missions.

In other words, in order to prevent players from breaking into the content of New World, Amazon Game Studios has implemented significant enhancements to the overall statistics of the enemy. There is no doubt that the overall state of the game has exacerbated the peak of this frustration, and players have joined together to upload a petition. Its stated goal is to let the developers of New World play the content on the live broadcast themselves.

A post on the New World forum called on Amazon Game Studios to work with the team’s developers to live broadcast through Myrkgard, starting from one end of the area and ending at the other end, with groups of 5 or 10 people, using a fixed device to score about 580. The live broadcast needs to be built using Live instead of developers. Developers need to kill all creatures along the way, including serious enemies such as commanders, bears, and beasts.

The petition has received strong support from other fan groups, and they expressed their willingness to support such an effort, and this will provide developers with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get closer to their fan base and to connect with their community sincerely. Considering the belligerent mood of the player base, the decline in the population of New World, and the instability of the game, it is not a bad practice for Amazon Game Studios to take this olive branch seriously. IGGM is a safe and reliable website, the website can choose it to Buy New World Coins

New World players try to let developers live stream their own games


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