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Plan enough time For Writing

Posted By James smith     December 9, 2021    

In fact, when all the research results are clear to you and you can critically examine your theses and the processing of them and you are otherwise done with writing the term paper (the plagiarism check should of course be carried out at the very end to be sure). Remember,help me write my essay however, that at the end of the day there is often not enough time to review the entire content of the term paper in order to draw up a conclusion.

You should also not forget that the conclusion, together with the introduction to the term paper, is  often read before the main part. This not only plays a role for your addressees, but also for your grade. Because the evaluating teachers can identify based on initiation and conclusion of housework to what extent the issue fully turned with a state of research loaded correctly in the research context and was critical assessment of yourself. By the way, the layout of  the term paper also plays an important role in the evaluation ! This interaction can often have a considerable influence on the initial assessment and thus on your final grade .

Examples of the conclusion of the housework

The final part of the term paper deals on the one hand with the theses of the beginning and on the other hand critically deals with one's own research and answers to the questions or hypotheses  . When choosing the tenses  for the conclusion, the present tense is usually  chosen, What to write my research paper while the summary of one's own research results is incorporated into the theses in the past tense. Examples of this can be found in the reference thesis of the University of Bonn :

“In this term paper I asked about the reasons for the failure of so many student term papers, differentiating internal and external reasons and considering them separately. The internal reasons concerned the motivation of the writers themselves, the external reasons on the other hand the structural conditions of the organization of the course and the media relations. "

The summary description of the initial questions and the answers to them are given in the past tense.

"Here, too, it is ultimately energy and the exertion of will that remain as the only means to defend one's own time for thinking, writing, learning and meaning against the pragmatic effectiveness and the losses of the tempting self-deception."

However, general considerations and comments in the conclusion are presented in the present tense.

In the conclusion of a term paper, no personal opinions are given either. On the other hand, attention can be drawn to the fact that the topic  under discussion should possibly be explored on a larger scale:

“At the same time, My Premium Essay however, it became apparent that a much deeper problem was hidden behind this. Time is, so to speak, only the cover problem for another problem that could be described as the problem of energy and will. "

Housework Conclusion: What comes in?

The conclusion does not deal with any new aspects, but serves as a summary and critical examination of one's own work. What sounds unspectacular at first, is by no means negligible. When writing the conclusion, the same concentration should be present as for the introduction and main part.

If you are unsure, there is often a guide to writing scientific term papers  for each department in addition to the guidelines for  academic work at universities. These often also include the conclusion of the housework and also go into more detail on the details relevant there. For example, such instructions can be found in the Department of Education and Psychology at the Free University of Berlin .

Structure / components

The conclusion of the term paper begins with a short and precise summary of the results presented in the main part. It is also important to find out about the initial questions from the introduction before you start writing the conclusion, Buy Research Papers Online because these questions have to be answered in the final part .

To make sure that the conclusion of the term paper contains all relevant parts and no superfluous or incorrectly located text passages, you can check your work again with a checklist and go through the table of contents of your term paper as well as the previously considered structure of the term paper . Alternatively, your university can provide you with information on how to write term papers. For example, the  University of Hamburg has published guidelines on how to write term papers for students. The University of Augsburg also sees the following components as essential for the final part:

Plan enough time For Writing

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