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When you've completed Gertrude's Cat quest

Posted By wei yismart     December 8, 2021    

The only thing I'm considering is to raise my hunter to lvl 54 and use that for Spirit Sprites. Do you know of anything else RS gold I might be missing? (note I don't fight, so simply taking out monsters isn't something i need to do) Oh, hmm... all I need is my Obelisk and my house is done.

If you were in the cc that night, you might have heard that I have finally decided to try woodcutting in my first 99. I wanted a job which couldn't be "bought," per se. I'll likely use one of the two (fletching or cooking) to trim my cape that I use for woodcutting.

The problem is that I'm not sure of how to reach there. It's obvious that I'll have to make this happen quickly before I go insane. So I'm thinking, what is the fastest method that still makes decent money from 71-99? If you know of a method that involves changing the types of trees used or employing a different method Please explain it. If you're suggesting using a sawmill, could you explain the process? I've heard it's fantastic performance, but I'm completely sure of how to achieve this or if it's costing money.

The majority of people view this as an something to be avoided, however the clever minds in RSgoldfast prefer to see this as a unique kind opportunity, especially for the players who aren't at the top of their game - powerminers and group farming players typically leave behind plenty of garbage (like iron nuggets) as it's not a good idea to clutter your backpack with junk when you are striving for maximum gold per hour rate from rare drops. For us scavengers, it's a great way to earn gold . Just go to a place that is famous for its huge amounts of soil, and then collect what is left there. There are no skills, equipment or membership needed.

Passive income may have received a poor reviews in real life due to various pyramid schemes and personal development experts. But don't worry, these methods to earn money below are 100 percent legit, we swear!

It's a great and low effort Hunter crafting activity Complete Bone Voyage in order to be able lay bird house traps within Fossil Island, might be an excellent idea to improve your Crafting skills. Earnings are based on Crafting levels. Also, it rewards players with enormous quantities of Hunter experience.You can do runs at intervals of 50 minutes which takes about two minutes.

Every day Zaff situated in Varrock offers players low-cost battlestaves, their number scaling with Varrock Diary quest progression, which makes for an unusual and massive effective gold per hour rate. It's almost the same as printing money, so please make sure you do it.

When you've completed Gertrude's Cat quest, she can be your Gertrude will present you with adorable kittens with no charges or questions asked. There are no conditions associated. Each kitten will take three hours to grow, and then it's eligible to exchange for Gertrude at the cost of 100 Runes or 200 once you've completed Ardougne Diary (easy) it seems strange, but it's not. You can stock mature cats in cheap OSRS gold the bank and exchange them all at once for your convenience.
When you've completed Gertrude's Cat quest
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