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New World Guide: How To Complete The Heart Of The Marsh Quest?

Posted By Claus Oliver     December 5, 2021    

There are many unique tasks in New World, and players can obtain a lot of resources by completing these tasks. The following guide explains in detail how to complete the Heart of the Marsh task.

To initiate the Heart of the Marsh quest in New World, a gamer must talk to an NPC called Nekumanesh in the Cutlass Keys area. In this quest, you will certainly need to know what took place in Nekumanesh's other half, Jocelyn.

The primary thing a player needs to carry out is to figure out what is continuing Jocelyn. Gamers can easily achieve this by taking a trip to the Salty Marshes to the southwest edge of the map.

After arriving at the quest's waypoint, the gamer has to stand by until the Marshjaw critter gives rise. It is a required kill to complete the quest. After slaying the monster as well as looting it, you will certainly pick up Jocelyn's Diary-- a quest thing.

After reducing and also robbery the monster, you need to come back to Nekumanesh as well as speak with him. This conversation will finish the quest, as well as you are going to receive your perks. You are going to earn an Adventurer's Ring, 1830 XP, 105 Coins, 250 Standing, and also 20 Azoth.

Keep in mind: Some gamers experienced incongruities along with the Marshjaw monster spawning. It is most likely due to a bug and also requires dealing with due to the creator.
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New World Guide: How To Complete The Heart Of The Marsh Quest?

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