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Assail the remaining 3 brothers as you did Dharok

Posted By wei yismart     December 3, 2021    

Iron Bars needed for the Knight's Sword quest can be RS gold found on the floor of Level 18 Wilderness, to the west of Graveyard of Shadows. However, if taking part on Hardcore and Ultimate Ironman, better make the iron bars yourself. It is the Wilderness is the PvP zone where you are able to be targeted by other players.

Training Smithing in lower level can be laborious. It is recommended to attain a high enough magic level beforehand for you to cast the Superheat spell. You can begin to level by mining Iron within South-East Ardougne and superheating it into bars. If you're wearing Ardougne Cloak 1, you can go to the bank to store your bar and get back teleported using the cape.

If you're not interested in having to mine the ores yourself It is also possible to purchase the ores from Ordan in Blast Furnace. These bars need to be formed as Iron Dart Tips, that can assist you in Fletching training. Do this method until you have enough Dart Tips to get to level 55 Fletching.

At the point of 40 Smithing then you can proceed with the next step. You must now go to the Blast Furnace where you can purchase gold ore from NPC Ordan. You must complete the Family Feud quest to unlock Goldsmithing Gauntlets. This method without them is not as effective. After buying ores that are mined, they must be smelted in Gold Bars. This method gives you the best satisfaction, but keep in mind that this process will be quite costly. If you've decided to become the Ultimate Ironman can smith Mithril Platebodies beginning at level 68, in the Blast Furnace.

Begin by visiting Karil first. You can pray attack prayers prayer, strength and ensure that you are safe from harm, and strike him with your unique attacks. Take him down with your ice magic. Run out. Visit Ahrim. You'll have around 30 prayer points. Make the switch to range gear and pray magic (and your eagle eye if are blessed with it). Run out when he's dead.

Then, go towards Dharok next. From this point on, you'll be left with around 1-5 prayer points remaining. Invoke melee to get his first hit, hit him once with an ice blast and then step back. You can normally get in five more hits. He'll begin to move on five hits, so it's best to stay away from him if you wish to score five, otherwise , hit him 4 times and hide behind the tomb. After a few seconds, go to a far corner from him and continue to hit him until he reaches you, and repeat. You can finish him by doing this.

Assail the remaining 3 brothers as you did Dharok in whatever order you want. What to do for the tunnels: Depending on which brothers you meet through the tunnels, set your prayers for quick and correct protection. If he cheap OSRS gold does appear, don't get scared (you'll make it through the initial couple of hits) Make a quick prayer and then recite quick prayers. Finish him.
Assail the remaining 3 brothers as you did Dharok
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