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5000 Bundesliga penalty: trends and absurdities

Posted By Adella Boyer     December 3, 2021    

It is the ultimate duel in football. High Noon on Saturday afternoon. So much has changed since the introduction of the Bundesliga may be in football, so untouched puristic is the eternal dual-fight protectors against goalkeeper — and the short moment in which the fans stop the air.

4994 times the one-counter-one without body contact has been held so far in the Bundesliga, the weekend could fall the 5000er sound wall — good 58 years after Hans-Jürgen Neumann from 1 FC Kaiserslautern on the 1st Bundesliga match day against Eintracht Frankfurt First penalty attack and turned. Despite the historical significance, the shot remained probably only the fewest. Although — or maybe just because — only two minutes later the second penalty of the league history was carried out. And in the same game. Frankfurt Other Chaos met, finance 1: 1.

Penalty, the story written

While many duels on the long way from the 1 to the 5000 quickly disappear from collective memory due to the simplicity of the situation, some stories have written. They have championed championships, like Michael Kutuzov's only, but all the more tragic error in 1986 or Arden Robbed's return to Roman Weidenfeller 2012.

They were turning points for whole clubs such as Francis Kyoto's calculus for 1860-million in 2004, recorded records as Robert Lewandowski 40. Tor 2020/21 and they made for excitement if they were not spoiled at all as the foul of the Rostock Stefan Roger At Frankfurt Ralf Weber 1992 or the Hand Deposit of Schalke's Oliver Hero 1998.

An incorrect shot, which initiated the decline of 1860 Munich: Francis Kilo falls to the ground for Bertha BSC after his spotted penalty.

Some of them were also mainly one thing: totally unusual. Due to the occurrences, for example, Andreas Miller's protective swallow against Karlsruhe 1995 — sometimes because of the occurrences afterwards, such as Jörg Butt's late return in his own penalty area 2004, benefited from the Schalke Mike Hasten. But sometimes, because of one thing in the goal, which actually did not belonged.

The trend goes to the flat shot

A total of four field players already looked forward as a not-goalkeeper of a penalty. Two of them — Kaiserslautern's Michael Schoenberg 2000 and Hanover Jan Rosenthal 2008 managed to parry the feat. Power a defense rate in the admittedly matched sample of 50 percent. For comparison, only 917 were held by all 4994 penalty meters, makes a quota of 18.4 percent. 74.8 percent of the experiments found the way behind the line, 6.8 percent landed on posts, laths, over or next to the gate.

In order to turn off at least two of these failure factors, a trend towards shallow penalties has recently developed again. In the past season, more than 87 percent of the transformed penalties in the lower half of the goal, as many as never since the beginning of the 2004 data recording. At that time it was only just under 69 percent. Some players, on the other hand, pushed themselves against this trend: Alexander free (6/8), Diego (7/11) and Head Salihovic (18/29) turned up more than half of their penalty.

Where butt is okay with Lewandowski

In the case Salihovic, the approach was not very risk-free. The Bonier is one of five players of the Bundesliga story, which set two penalties over the gate — no one shot over it. But: probably the most important penalty of his Bundesliga career Roomed Salihovic under the latte. With his goal on the last match day 2013 in Dortmund he saved the TSG Cofferdam in the relegation. At the gate then: Kevin Großkreutz.

Penalty like these remain in memory, because the very own division of goalkeeper contactors who hold the concept penalty is performed ad absurdum. As well as the phenomenon of goalkeeper as protecting — a phenomenon significantly further disseminated in the Bundesliga story. Especially thanks to Jörg Butt. A total of 31 times, the final man made penalty, only twelve players more frequently. Together with Robert Lewandowski, he also shares the record for most hits in series — 17 at the number.

Shot twice in a game? Erroneous

A remarkable series in much shorter time set Michael Author from VfB Stuttgart and Waldo Mannheim's Fritz Walter. The two players are the only Bundesliga actors who arrived in a game equal to three penalties: While Author turned all three experiments, Walter failed at the second shot of Kaiserslautern's goalkeeper Gerry Hermann.

Best Bundesliga Penalty Killer of all-time?

But after that his team colleague Jörg nine missed, Walter was allowed to tell and write fourth penalty of his team in this game to the point — and is one of eight Bundesliga players who once again approached a spotted penalty in the same game. Noteworthy: awarded a second time is not a single one. Thus, there is no player in the long history of the Bundesliga, who has shot two penalties in a game.

More and more trademarks — and two current series

Back to the presence and a current trend: The proportion of the trade meters has — certainly also increased significantly by various control changes. While on the entire Bundesliga history, 14.2 percent of the penalties were imposed on the basis of a handrail, it had always been well over 23 percent since 2018. Two of the last three seasons are among the top four of the trademark the richest seasons since 1963. And: In the current season, the quota is currently at proud 29.6 percent. It remains, that would be the second-highest value of history.

Speaking of the current season. In the coming days or weeks, in addition to the 5000th penalty, a second great anniversary could be added — may even be with one and the same penalty. So far, 997 different players from the point occurred, the 1000 mark is now imminent.

And also records are currently being positioned from the point after 58 years. So Mainz 05 has transformed all 32 penalties imposed since 2013 — with a distance of the best mark. And another — rather sad — record is imminent. With 23 non-held penalties in a row, Hertha-Keeper Alexander Schools is currently at the top with Michael Sensing. He is likely to hope that the opponent is not the next penalty Mainz 05.

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5000 Bundesliga penalty: trends and absurdities

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