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New World Bots is destroying the economy

Posted By ZZTTT ZZTTT     December 2, 2021    

Since the launch of MMORPG in September, Amazon Game Studio’s New World has been plagued by many problems, from extremely simple exploits to repeated copies of New World Gold due to cheaters. The game’s latest confusing problem comes from high-level farming bots, which are stripping the natural world and causing resource prices to plummet.

From the official New World forum to the game's subreddit, many players are complaining that robots are endlessly digging for supplies like some kind of blind colonists. At the same time, other Bots are apparently growing azoth water, leather, and other materials, which players report are driving down the price of game resources and causing serious damage to New World's economy. On Reddit, player breezystroo reported that Bots are destroying their desire to play New World, noting that they not only occupy all resources, but also stifle the market for epic materials.

Some YouTube users, such as Gladd and KK Plays Live, have been making games by discovering New World robots. KK Plays Live noticed that some Bots had been farming in an area for a few days. They always seem to be there, waiting to dig for materials, no matter what time of day they are. Bots that plague MMORPGs are nothing new, but when they get out of control, they can be a real problem. Collecting resources is crucial to this type, but Bots that collect resources 24/7 will not only affect the gaming experience, but also adversely affect the economy.

Bots have brought ongoing challenges to MMOs, and the development team has deployed dedicated resources and tools to identify and counter them. In addition, New World players have been earning New World Gold in various ways, including challenging various tasks in the game, and they have begun to try to Buy New World Coins online.

New World Bots is destroying the economy


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