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Can New World win the recognition of players?

Posted By ZZTTT ZZTTT     December 1, 2021    

Following the huge successful launch of New World in early October and a peak of over 900,000 players, the MMO player base has been steadily declining. According to data from Steamcharts, in less than two months, the number of concurrent players in New World has dropped to 10% of its New World Gold.

Any new multiplayer game will have all kinds of problems, and the release of MMO is notoriously unstable, but this is too much for anyone's standards. The New World development tracker shows that the team is already remediating the problem as effectively as possible and is beginning to explore deeper issues that may arise. Including the team needs to set up more tasks to facilitate players to earn New World Gold.

Like any MMO, New World places great emphasis on gathering resources, improving skills, and maximizing the use of players’ toolkits. Once the player reaches level 60, the equipment they pick up will be limited by the equipment score, which means that the player has a small chance of getting something slightly better than before. Therefore, some players have begun to Buy New World Coins.

New World’s faction and territory control system can be an excellent endgame because players can prepare, develop strategies and fight for every legal advantage they can claim on their servers, but these systems now only exacerbate mistakes and Vulnerability exploitation. When the focus of the final game involves three factions competing for territory in a large-scale, fierce PvP war, one party can gain equipment advantage by attacking. Coupled with the fact that these games are usually affected by delays, many players have experienced the degradation of the production stations in their settlements, and it is difficult to get excited about the final game.

Can New World win the recognition of players?


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