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New World presents free New World Gold to players

Posted By ZZTTT ZZTTT     November 30, 2021    

Since its release in September this year, New World has felt a bit cursed. It seems that there is a new reason every week that Amazon has to start to deal with the problem again. Usually this has to do with the complex economy of the game and the cunning players who are trying to take advantage of its complex initial problems. But this week’s disaster was entirely caused by the publisher. As reported by PC Gamer, players on EU servers found themselves receiving a generous 300,000 New World Gold.

However, New World’s economy is clearly very fragile. The developers did not want this recent profligacy to affect their land, and decided that the only option was to take the server offline and then roll back time. After inspection, it is clear that there is no good way to reverse only players who have won New World Gold, because secondary effects are very common and involve more players and systems.

The last update explained that although the developer restored everything else in the game, despite all players waking up with three hours of amnesia and some empty bank accounts, the trading station was still boring. These issues seem to only affect servers in the central EU, but it is certain that the developers of New World did not have a good time during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Many players have lost confidence in New World due to the repeated occurrences of errors. Therefore, it will not be easy for Amazon to rely on New World to gain a foothold in MMORPG games in the future. Finally, players who want to get New World Gold can try to Buy New World Coins online. IGGM is a safe website.

New World presents free New World Gold to players


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