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RuneScape - There is nothing you guys do any more

Posted By MMOruki MMOruki     November 29, 2021    

I'm just trying to OSRS gold let you know how the CC is now a hot mess. There is nothing you guys do any more. It used to be fun. Now it all seems to be about high levels trying hard to create a feeling of a shizzle at even trying, and all activities that are communally organized are targeted at higher levels. Do you remember when we had trains and did soul wars, e.g.? It's too much of a contest now. The only real debate would be one about religion. The debate was rejected by a moderator once it was too emotional (if the mods were there).

People are so mean nowadays. Apparently you need 99 points to earn respect. I was able to score grats on any level. In the present, I must have a 90+ or something. Also, I'm just mean to people who in my way (which was not the case previously). A lot of people have become mean nowadays.

I'm really upset because I was trying to give back the amount I had been given(only time) but was kicked out of the room for it. The CC is now completely unsupportive with no human relations. This entire forum and yet you're not able to pick your moderators to do their job. I'm unable to explain exactly what the issue is but I can give you an idea of what it's like. The Numinous.

If you're at 90+ attack and power, then melee would be better. Setup for ranged would however go as follows... Equip yourself with the following items: Neitiznot (for praying and defence bonus), any boots you want (ranger or snakeskin might be most beneficial following by bandos / White for praying),

Method - Stand directly in their direction, keep away from the melee area and employ eagle-eye. They'll likely melee the majority of the time but your d'hide / armour will take care of most of cheap RuneScape gold their magic hits. The only damage you'll suffer typically is their ranged attack.
RuneScape - There is nothing you guys do any more
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