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Steam reviews for New World are now mixed

Posted By ZZTTT ZZTTT     November 29, 2021    

Although Amazon Game Studio's New World has brought a series of marketing in the past two months, after all the problems and malfunctions that have disrupted the game and its economy, it has not met the expectations of the players. After the November update of Into the Void made controversial and secret changes to the core game mechanics, New World’s Steam reviews are now mixed. In fact, loot has become much scarcer than before, which makes it difficult for players to get New World Gold in the endgame.

This ultimately has the greatest impact on New World's solo players. Due to their increased health, they are now trying to kill the enemy. If they do, the spoils will not be very good. Another issue is related to repeated malfunctions affecting trophies and furniture, which makes New World players temporarily unable to trade these items. At least until Amazon finds a solution.

As compensation, Amazon reduced the New World housing tax by 90%, and players can enjoy their dream house to a certain extent. As part of the housing problem, New World players received a large amount of New World Gold, but this caused another problem because the amount of New World Gold changed randomly and only affected a few people.

New World is far from getting out of the predicament, but at least some players are still having fun. In addition, players who want to Buy New World Coins can find reliable stores online. IGGM is holding Thanksgiving activities during this time. Players use the discount code "Thanks" to get 5% OFF. hurry up!

Steam reviews for New World are now mixed


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