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I'm nearing completion of The Void Stares Back

Posted By wei yismart     November 29, 2021    

To melee, could guthans and a set of super sets be OSRS Items efficient? I was just at it with a range setup (rune plate granite shied you hide) and it didn't strike all that often, so i thought that barrows gloves, guthans and some super sets could be very useful. I'd gain money faster since i did not be using diamonds and food as much?

If you're in a safe place (using the tiny gap adjacent to the obelisk to ensure that it won't touch you until after it burrows) it won't require much food, if any. Guthan's approach isn't the most efficient.

I recommend using broads/emerald (e) setup, start at the beginning with the emerald (e) to poison, change to broads to finish it off. Each kill can be worth 20k to 20k. I do 2 kills every run (using the eagle eye and prot melee occasionally) and then go home port. recharge pray at altar and use the fally portal bank and come back when I am ready for the next spawn to happen.

Hey. Every person is unique. What is the "correct" method of killing something? My opinion is to simply blast them with your strongest weapon and equipment, while boosting! But I've not killed one. You can simply cancel the task that is most difficult or the most bothersome for you. Why continue with an activity that's not efficient?

I'd cancel Black demons. They're not recommended. Kalphites are fast and could bring you quick Slayer points. This isn't necessarily a slayer's experience but it's still a easy task.

LRC is extremely profitable According to my experience. It's possible to earn 4-5k every task this is quite decent over the long term. Also, you can take a look at the Patriarchs, who immediately drop 200k. Pretty dang good. They also provide excellent service I think.

Don't worry about the minerals. They can add time and to me, is not worth losing the experience. Ugh. Hellhounds. I'd block those. Only useful to use for clues, scrolls or charms. Charms made of gold are... They can be fired, but.. I would not recommend blocking bloodvelds. They're fantastic and fast. The drops aren't as bad, though. If you're looking for a guide to any monster, look up this fantastic one created by Azarath.

I'm nearing completion of The Void Stares Back quest However, there's one issue: The"Pest Queen... I've made it through four attempts, and I'll give a brief overview. Attempt 1: D platelegs, d'hide top, neitz helm, d def, korasi sword. Inv: 5 pray pots with the remaining rock tails. It got the Pest Queen to Buy RuneScape Gold half way, before I got out of the spec, and had to port. Attempt 2: Same armour. Inv: 5 pray pot, super str pot, ambush scrolls, spirit Kyatt, rocktails.
I'm nearing completion of The Void Stares Back
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