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New World Spear And Bow PVP Build

Posted By David Lin     November 29, 2021    
Its Spear and Bow thrust build was extremely well-liked during the beta open to all and is likely to be a popular build as we move towards the full launch in the game. This is a highly adaptable build that excels in certain key areas: you have both melee and ranged damages it is good for PvP and expeditions, and offers an adequate amount of control and sustain. This article will provide the most effective masteries for each weapon.

 Both weapons provide supplementary damage over time skills, coupled with a strong concentration on debuffs. This lets us gain a ton of percent damage amplifications based on maintaining those debuffs. The bow can be difficult to land shots when playing in PvP, but once you get your shot down, the potential of this weapon is not locked!

Remember this: PvP builds are very personal. This is what worked for ME. If you don't love something about it, change it to match your personal style.

Equipment Load (Medium): Medium armor, according to me, is the best load of equipment for the build. This gives us the best of both worlds offering us a decent number of armour, an effective dodge (which we get 3 of) and 10 percent damage and healing boost , as well as an increase of 10% for our skills at controlling crowds.

Name/Set: We use a combination of set types to help us hit the maximum dexterity bonus (300) without excessive overflow since the scaling dramatically drops once you reach that point. When no extra dexterity is required, health is a priority to boost our defensive capabilities. You can mix and match the sets however you'd like, as long that your dexterity is as close to 300 as it is with everything else in the constitution.

Perks: Because New World is still a new game and players are at the point of attaining the 60th level, it's an issue to worry about perfect perk optimization. As players progress towards the point of no return and have acquired the highest level equipment, this column on your chart will get updated to reflect the optimal perks for the building!

Gems: For this configuration we chose an amalgamation with Malachite along with Diamond gems inside the armor. This can boost physical damage reduction as well as damage absorption, giving us a good spread of damage reduction for both magical and physical weapons. Malachite is used for increased damage against crowd-controlled targets (due because of the spear's long CC uptime) The Emerald is used to help us defeat our adversaries on our bow.


At range, the goal is to hold Poison Shot against your adversary. Additionally, you can you can use Penetrating Shot when you cool down. Make use of Evade Shot when you have to knock your opponent back and increase your distance.

When you are close to your opponent, open with a Vault Kick, then follow it up with a Sweep and then apply the bleed using Skewer. Once you've got your opponent's attention, use your light attacks to start cooling down your cooldowns.

As you start taking damage, use your regeneration potion. This will keep your health topped off.

If you experience a huge explosion of damage, take the health drink to get back to health!

If you're in desperate need for health and your potions are on the verge of being cool, you should take some distance from your opponent and eat food. If you don't take damage the health of your body will recover. If your health has reached an acceptable amount or a potion has been removed from cooldown, feel free to re-enter the fight!

A ranged weapon with a fast-firing speed that gives you a deadly blend of Single Target and AoE Damage, as well as a great increase in mobility (in in the shape of passives and active abilities). It is a powerful weapon with a burst damage potential and can apply vicious damage-over-time effects to multiple targets at a time. In this build, we will focus on Bow's burst damage and its effects on time damage but take only minimal crowd control.

Active Skills:

Rapid Shot (Hunter) The arrow fires 3 arrows at once that cause 100% damage to the weapon each, and the third will deal 125% weapon damage and causes knockback. It is a skill that can deal powerful single-target attack or split the damage between up to three opponents. It is recommended to take both its passives, which improve damage, and possibly reduce Rapid Shot's cooldown to half, which would be insane.

"Poison Shot (Skirmisher) A AoE skill that creates a 3m wide cloud of poisonous gas that lasts for six seconds. Any enemies that get in the cloud will be poisoned for 10% weapon damage each second over 20 seconds. This skill is among longest DoTs you can find in the game - you can't ignore that. You must also use two of the associated passives for even better DoT as well as some additional damaging bursts.

"Rain of Arrows" (Skirmisher) It's a formidable ground-based AoE skill that shoots the arrows in a volley at the targetted area. It's great for Expeditions because it can do wonders against groups of enemies. it loses out in PvE in a solo battle However. If you upgrade it using its passives (and it is recommended to do so), it will also apply the DoT that will slow enemies down. If you enjoy playing by yourself or you want to build it to work better in PvP You should switch Rain of Arrows for the Evade Shot.

Core Passives:

Concussion (Hunter) Concussion (Hunter), Headshots made with a Bow deal 20% extra damage. All you have to do is aim carefully.

Bullseye (Hunter): This one boosts the chance of Critical Strike for all Bow shooting by 10 percent, which is universally good. This is a passive that requires and it happens to be an excellent one that increases the Arrow Range that increases the of the arrow's flatness (it moves longer before it gets in the grip of gravity).

Long Range (Hunter) The Long Range (Hunter) ability, you cause 20% more damage to enemies who are at less than 10 meters from you. This is an "free" 20 damage increase, you just need to pay attention to your range.

Battle Precision (Skirmisher) Battle Precision (Skirmisher) passive makes damage and debuffs over Time effects last 20 percent longer. It makes Poison Shot along with Rain of Arrows much more efficient.

A fun to use melee weapon that has a long reach and a deadly mix of buffs Damage over Time effects, and long-lasting damage. It works wonders in the combination with a bow as both use Dexterity as their main stat and their skills supplement them extremely well. For a melee weapon, Spear is a bit difficult to master, and it will take some practice, but the effects are definitely worth it. For this build, we look at the Impaler skills tree, which can maximize sustained damage through decreasing cooldowns and increasing DoTs.

Active Skills:

Perforate (Impaler) is a skill which delivers 3 rapid strikes that pierce your target, each one at 70% weapon damage. Additionally, it applies Rend an ability that reduces the target's damage absorption by 5% for 10 seconds. Then you can use it as your Spear opener, since applying it first can make the other two spears skills do more damage. You should take both of the corresponding passives for doubled Rend effectiveness against wounded enemies and stagger effect after landing 3 strikes on the same target.

Skewer (Impaler): A charge-like skill with the ability to impales your Target with 125% weapon damage and applies a 10-second Bleed effect for 10% weapon damage per second. This is a great way to sustain damage especially when paired with the other three respective passives.

Vault Kick (Impaler) Vault Kick (Impaler): A powerful blow that deals 75% damage to the weapon. It's easy to think that this skill isn't worth it until you discover that its Continuous Motion passive decreases the cooldowns for all other Spear skills by 30 percent (! ) Its Relentless Blows passive gives you an additional 20% damage boost against enemies with less than 50% health. This should be used after you use the other two Spear abilities.

Core Passives:

Refreshing Reach (Zoner) This passive lets your heavy attacks that are successful using a Spear reduce the total number of Spear Cooldowns 15%. With this, if you perform a single Heavy Attack after you use the Vault Kick that you'll receive the Cooldown reduction of 45% which is absurd.

Refreshing Jabs (Impaler): Another Cooldown-reducing passive. This one takes 10% off all your Spear Skill Cooldowns when you hit again with your light attack chain.

Intense Crits (Impaler) The effect will be in place from today the Critical Hits extend length of Spear buffs as well as DoTs, by up to 20%. This passive is a must-have since it makes your skills much more efficient.

Exploited Weakness (Impaler) It grants +10% damage with each debuff applied to the target for a maximum of +30 percentage damage. You can apply multiple debuffs without breaking your rotation, so this is basically free damage.

To begin, it is recommended to try to achieve 250 total Dexterity points (which is only 50 constitutional points). But, this does not mean that you have to spend all your points on Dex and get full Dex equipment - If you not only do Expeditions but also engage in Solo or like to occasionally engage in PvP, consider getting a bit more Constitution. Regarding Armor Weight the best option is to choose Light or Medium Armor to benefit from the greater damage they bring.

We are obviously going to make changes to this guide once the full game launches and we'll have more time to learn about the Perks, Gems, and particular features of the more rare equipment. Any modifications that are made to this manual will be noted at the right at the top of the page, in Notes for builders.

This is the initial version of the New World Bow/Spear DPS build. We've attempted to include all the important details for setting up a character to run it, but also to keep the guide as compact as possible. If we've missed anything of important importance, please inform us!

If you have any Build suggestions Please post them in the comments section below. We'll be more than happy to take on your most-requested build requests in the near future! Also, we hope you have found this guide useful and instructive. We'll be happy to receive constructive criticism to help us improve our work, so please don't hesitate to send us your comments.
New World Spear And Bow PVP Build

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