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Amazon is working on developing new content for New World

Posted By ZZTTT ZZTTT     November 26, 2021    

Amazon is working on developing new New World Gold to make the early to mid-term games of New World more interesting, especially for single players. In a recent interview, when asked what areas the team thinks PvP and PvE are underdeveloped, the game director pointed out the early and final stages of MMORPG.

Developers believe that they need to do some work to improve the experience of early and mid-term games, especially for single-player games, and the staff said they have begun to work on improving the content of this experience. The team stated that their goal is to continuously respond to player requests, and player feedback will continue to help shape the direction of New World.

As for what these improvements will look like, Scot Lane pointed to the recently introduced Varangian Raiders. In the recent Into The Void update, new enemy gangs have been added, and story-oriented missions allow players to understand who they are. The development team stated that it is continuing to add more tasks for players in the early and mid-games, and there are many ways for players to get New World Gold. They are adding new mission types, which will help uncover more mysteries of Aeternum.

Some players prefer to focus on single player games, so the team is doing more to achieve this by replacing mission lines and more support for single player games. Over the past week, the endgame of New World has been a hot topic. After the recent update, players shared on Reddit that elite enemies have become more difficult to kill, which makes the grinding of top loot more laborious. Currently, IGGM is holding a large discount event, where players can Buy New World Coins.

Amazon is working on developing new content for New World


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