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Into the Void update is very bad for New World Solo Players

Posted By ZZTTT ZZTTT     November 25, 2021    

Amazon Game Studio’s New World may be one of the most anticipated and controversial versions of this year. There has been a lot of New World Gold around its release, so that it is so successful that it has a historical peak of 913,027 concurrent players on Steam at the same time.

However, due to some serious glitches and some design choices that ultimately hindered the player's fun, New World's problems began to appear. One of the most famous mistakes was about copying New World Gold and materials, which allowed a few players to Buy New World Coins. To make matters worse, failures have appeared time and time again in new forms, rapidly destroying New World's economy in many ways.

Another problem that followed was that after the developers did not ban all cheaters and exploiters early and permanently, players began to lose confidence in Amazon. Although Amazon tried to regain the trust of players within a few weeks, the November Into the Void patch should have made New World better, but it failed to materialize. And many players are complaining that New World Gold is not enough.

Defeating enemies in PvE and loot boxes have a lot of nerf to loot, which makes New World more difficult than before. The category of players that may be hit the hardest is Solo Players. The main problem is that now if they play alone, it is almost impossible to improve a person's equipment score in New World. Currently, due to all the current problems, New World's status is not good, and the powerful Musket vulnerability discovered by Shroud is of no avail.

Into the Void update is very bad for New World Solo Players


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