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Pick The Right ESA For Home - 2021 Guide

Posted By john mikes     November 25, 2021    

As we know traveling has become a part of life and traveling by air has become a norm as hundreds of thousands of passengers travel via air carriers each day. While traveling by air is no problem for many, some get anxious during flights for one reason or another. For dog food diet, can dogs eat watermelon? The answer is yes, with a couple of precautions. The anxiety gets worse for people with emotional and/or mental difficulties, and they generally avoid traveling by air. And when they do travel, it’s not without someone to support them.



This someone can be a pet dog with the help of an emotional support dog letter. Emotional support animals (ESAs) have been on the rise as they help many people cope with situations like these. They tend to care for the people suffering from emotional and mental difficulties such as PTSD, autism, OCD, anxiety, depression, etc.

What are ESAs?

Emotional support animals are animals that are kept as pets and that helps people suffering from various emotional and mental problems lead a normal life. LIke service and therapy animals these ESAs are kept for a special purpose, but unlike the service and therapy animal counterparts, esa letter tends to not need any training as their company alone can provide the therapy that the pet owner might need.


These animals tend to give the same support that most of these humans tend to get from supporting friends or family members. Since the supporting person cannot be with them at all times, physically, these people are often on their own. If they come across a situation that causes them trouble then they are at risk of spiraling into a bad mental state. 


To not let this happen, many people keep their pets with them. For consideration can dogs eat almonds? The answer is no. While they aren’t as toxic as naked nuts, it’s one of those foods dog companions can’t digest as easily as people.


These pets with their constant company and unending show of affection tend to keep the person calm and composed in these situations. The ESAs thus become a strong anchor that helps them keep their emotional state in check.


Dogs as ESAs are common around America and many people love nothing better to cope with their situation than their pet dogs. These loyal, loving, and highly trainable animals make for great ESAs.


How can one get an ESA letter?

ESA letter is a letter provided to the person who is suffering from stress and other difficulties, which allows him/her to have their pet as their emotional support animal and reap the much-needed benefits of the ESA such as in-flight accompaniment with the pet and exemption from the no-pet rules in rental housing. You can get an ESA letter either through the online process or through a personal consultation with the licensed mental health specialist. Either way, the person will be assessed for their mental condition and their emotional state and will be given permission to have their pet as an ESA through a signed and stamped esa letter for housing. The online services will ask you to fill out questionnaires and other assessment papers. According to these and other consultations, the decision upon the ESA will be made.


Different kinds of ESAs that you can keep

There are many choices from pet animals that you can keep as your ESAs. Animals irrespective of their size and type give their companions the love and support that they need for their stability. These pet animals can be of various kinds and the most common pet animals include:


  • Miniature horses
  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Hamsters 
  • Guinea pigs
  • Goats
  • Birds


Each animal has its own quality and each is adept at doing the job as an emotional support animal. However, you should try to have conventional ESAs as it will help people around you to be calm and comfortable with the animal pet that you have, otherwise, it can lead to being another source of anxiety and stress.


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Pick The Right ESA For Home - 2021 Guide
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