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Watch all the royal guests who attended the party

Posted By Dragon born     November 24, 2021    

Watch all the royal guests who attended the party. There will be King Vallance of Asgarnia, looking sick. You will find an Black Knight Assasin entering the kitchen through the window. Inspect the nearby fish to discover it is poisoned. Instead of throwing it out, however, have Savant make magic with it. Serve it to OSRS Gold King Vallance, and he will be unconscious. But not dead, but unconscious. King Vallance was paralyzed by the alteration of the poison in the fish. The Temple Knights have an excuse for taking him away to get rid of the slug.

In the Temple Knight Base, ask Commander Callon if you can examine King Vallance to determine if there is an option to get rid of the slug. He'll say that due to the slugs and Karamthalu that they brought, they think they have a way of splicing the slug from the king. The cut-scene follows where the King is able to recover the slug, and you ask him if he has any of the memories of the slug. He states that he's was imagining an underwater cave. He will provide Savant the location of the cave.

To get to the cave, go to the port in Ardougne and then talk to the man who is standing in front of a tiny sailboat. The man is actually a Temple Knight, the codeword to use is "Dancing for stuff pl0x". He'll lead you to a tiny rock that's saturated with water. Go to the west and you will see a hole. You can go in, and you'll go through an identical maze to Kennith's Concerns quest. Once you've finished the maze, you'll realize that you can't continue inside the lair. Therefore, your character may suggest going to Aggie in Draynor Village.

In Draynor, speak with Aggie about the slugs and the way to look like you have yellow skin, as well as white hair. If you want to Cheap RuneScape Gold change your hairstyle, visit the Falador Hairdresser. Aggie makes a paste from flour along with ashes, water and. To catch a Jeunefish then return to the rock with the slug lair and use a super-fishing explosive to fish for dead youngsterfish.
Watch all the royal guests who attended the party
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