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His track record is awful. He was a loser

Posted By wei yismart     November 23, 2021    

Following the Assault on the Broken Shore, Thrall tells the WOW Burning Crusade Classic Gold Shaman the explorer that since Garrosh was killed, he was feeling like Doomhammer was an empty weight in his hands and that the Elements had abandoned him.

Long ago, before Orgrim passed the Doomhammer to Thrall He confessed that while the weapon initially brought him closer the elements, with time it became a dead weight on his shoulders.

Through the decades, Thrall wielded the Doomhammer with honor and integrity. Thrall was at war with himself following the murder of Garrosh Hellscream. The nefarious warchief. This internal struggle was reflected in the Doomhammer too. To Thrall's view the weapon that been a symbol of justice and virtue had now turned into a symbol for vengeance.

The past repeated itself when the Doomhammer was once more the status of a "dead weight." Many consider whether the Doomhammer is going to be reinstated as a symbol of righteous wrath.

Thrall is back to his warrior ways when we meet him in BfA. He makes use of Dra'gora (an axe he forged) in order to battle. In the Shadowlands Maw intro he still is the warrior only.During the questline to rescue Thrall from Torghast you will see him utilize his shamanistic powers for first time since start of Legion.

It's a metaphorfor you, guys. Thrall has gotten older and his penis has stopped working , too. Because he lost his mojo, Thrall can't feel the "elements", or any other kind of energy. He needs to regain his super-male energy.

To be truthful, Thrall could have won without magic since you mentioned he was the better fighter. But there'd be instant complaints from the WoW fandom who claimed it was because it was because he was a Mary Sue.

His track record is awful. He was a loser in most fights he entered, or didn't be able to win in a fair way. Thrall is believed to have resisted their duel in WotLK. In the Mag'gora, He was in the company of Cairne and had the poisoned Axe. Varian kicked his shins.

Really, the only notable character the man beat in a fair fight was Taran Zhu. And the fight was pretty close.

His final fight against Thrall was not lost. I'll be honest, he lost his second fight with Varian as well as his duel against Cairne. He was cheap WOW TBC Gold defeated in the first bout that was cut short, and he also won the second battle unfairly.
His track record is awful. He was a loser

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