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New World Guide: The Best Musket Build

Posted By Claus Oliver     November 21, 2021    
When players enter the game, they always want to have a strong attack power, and New World is no exception. In New World, players can use the Musket to gain powerful attack power, which allows you to easily match with other weapons. But when you use a Musket as your main weapon, you need to pay attention to some problems, which can help you build a better character.

New World Best Musket Build

The best muskets in this game are muskets and rapiers. When you pick or attack an enemy from a distance, using a musket can give you a good range. This means that your auxiliary weapon should be a weapon that can help you in close combat. Therefore, Rapier is the best choice. Both of these weapons make use of agility, and not only that, but they can also cause you huge damage. Therefore, there is both close-range and long-range cover in battle.

Now that you know the best version, here are the upgrade areas you should pay attention to when you use the musket in this version.


You should focus on spending your points on the following attributes:
  • Dexterity: Spend anywhere between 250 to 350 points.
  • Intelligence: Spend anywhere between 150 to 200 points.


Because this weapon focuses on mobility, the armor you choose should be light. If needed, you can also choose medium armor, but don't choose heavy armor. Since the musket is a long-range weapon, this type of armor should be enough for your defense.

Musket Weapon Mastery

You can master two skill trees.
  • Sharpshooter: This is useful when you want to deal high damage to a single enemy. If you choose this skill tree, then you should choose gunpowder burning as your ability. For passive shooting, you can choose critical reload or called refill.
  • Trapper: This is a convenient skill to take care of multiple enemies and do group control. For the Trapper skill tree, the most recommended skill is Trapper. The best passive combination with this ability is the fatal combo.

Best Musket Perks

For the build suggested above, you should use a weakened powder-burning ability. Or, you can follow to speed up the trap Perk.
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New World Guide: The Best Musket Build

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