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Told me good rotations and everything.

Posted By wei yismart     November 18, 2021    

Understand that I had zero knowledge of WoWRP. I stated this in the guild chat. However the person who invited me said that it was okay and WOW Classic Burning Crusade Gold that they could help me learn how to do it.

The teacher, who was there for 2 days training me in RP and some basic lore details and everything. The person who taught me prompted me to improve my character to the point where I could more efficiently play (By transmogs, for instance).

This person taught me lots about a certain aspect of the game that I didn't understand and is basically why I'm here today.

In retrospect, I can see that the guild to which received invitations to wasn't the ideal for roleplay.

The GM was a drama queen. God-emoting was not uncommon, and the tales were edgy.

They were helpful and genuine. They knew I was just starting out and helped me through throughout the process.

The time was 2007. The guild is no longer around, and I'm honest to say I don't remember any of the names of its members. Here's what it looked like.

Once I was a part of the game, I tried out as a GM in my own RP guild. It lasted around three months , which wasn't all that bad. Still have the guild as an alternate).

However, I was still very of a "noob" playing the game. Poor DPS and I was unable to check statistics and didn't have WoWhead.

I was obviously unhappy with the rest of the group, except for one warlock.

She sent me an invitation to a birthday party after the dungeon's end and offered me a place at her Garrisson.

And then, with a calm and patient manner she handed me all the details and explained the statistics so I could find them.

Told me good rotations and everything.

There was no reason for her to take this action. She was from a different realm. I was already a part of an association. There was no reason for her to help me. She did however take the time to assist me and provide me with tips. She helped me understand the basics and also gave me some guidelines on buy WOW TBC Gold how to play as Warlock. Warlock.
 Told me good rotations and everything.

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