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Abstract: how many pages should there be?

Posted By tyler Liebert     November 18, 2021    


An essay is one of the most common types of work both among students and among schoolchildren. There are many reasons for writing essays : from the desire to close an extra pass or to get an additional point on the exam, and ending with the support of the main research work. Nevertheless, no matter how often you had to write an abstract , how many pages should be in this work always remains a pressing issue. Get in touch with professional writers from write my papers service to know better.

The total volume of the abstract

First of all, it depends on the place of your training. So, if you are still in school, then the average volume of a school essay is about 10-15 pages. If you are already studying at a university, then the volume of work increases to 20-30 pages. Unlike other types of work, all pages are taken into account in the volume of the abstract, from the title page to the list of references, with the exception of appendices. When starting to write an abstract, it is important to remember that, unlike a report or a review, this type of work implies not only the presentation and research of the issue, but also the formulation of your own conclusions, which means that it is necessary to maintain a balance between "water" and brevity, which you complete your job.

Abstract: how many pages should there be?

In order to answer this question, it is best to outline the size of each piece of work and to look for guides. As you know, the abstract consists of a title page , a table of contents, an introduction, a main part, a conclusion, a list of references and, if necessary, an appendix. So, the approximate number of pages in each part of the work is as follows:

  1. Title page and table of contents - one page each. It is important to remember that despite the fact that the serial number is not placed on the title page, it is nevertheless included in the general numbering.
  2. Introduction - 1-2 pages for school work and 2-3 for student work. In the introduction, you will outline the main objectives and goals of your work.
  3. The main part - 5-10 pages in the school essay and 10-20 - in the student. The volume of this part directly depends on the number of chapters and sections in your abstract.
  4. Conclusion - 1-3 pages for a school essay and 3-5 pages in the work of a university student. In this part, you formulate your conclusions and summarize the work.
  5. The list of references rarely takes more than one page, but, of course, depends on the number of sources that you refer to in the process.
  6. Appendices are not included in the total volume of the abstract, which means that their size is not limited. However, it is advisable that this part does not exceed the size of the main work.

Of course, these values are very approximate and largely depend on the requirements of the teacher or on your own abilities.

Naturally, if you were given the task to write an abstract, the volume of which should not be less than 30 pages, then the number of pages for each part may be different. If there are no strict conditions for the volume, then you can safely follow advice.


Abstract: how many pages should there be?
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