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New World Life Staff Weapons Guide and the Best Builds

Posted By David Lin     November 15, 2021    
The Life Staff is a weapon that can be focused that is available in New World. It is currently the only healing weapon available which is comprised of two skill trees: Protector and Healing. This guide will look through how to build the New World Best Life Staff builds.

The Life Staff is New World's main weapon for healing and support. It provides a range of options to heal and help your friends with buffs. However, it isn't as powerful when compared with other weapons, however the healing abilities allow it to handle itself quite well.

One aspect of the Life Staff goes all in on healing, taking on the role of a standard MMORPG healer who can swiftly heal in huge bursts. The other side is focused more upon Healing over Time and focuses on buffing allies to aid them in reducing or prevent damage, rather than heal directly from it.

We'll start with the passives and skills. We'll discuss the different types, their applications and the effectiveness they have. There's plenty to discuss in this article and we'll break it down by tree to help keep things in order.

In addition to the general information Alongside the general information, they'll receive an overall rating from C to the S tier, in both the PvE as well as PvP. C Tier is reserved for the passives that aren't that excellent, or are required by an upgrade or otherwise useless. The A and B Tiers are mediocre levels, placing them in between the weakest passives and the top either way, either way or another. The S tier is the best passives, which are the ones you'll almost always choose when you learn the ability or desire to since it's beneficial in a variety of situations.

The Healing Tree

The name suggests the tree is focused on only healing. Although it is useful in the skills and passives in the tree but it is the one that can provide the most powerful healing. The Active Skills of the tree are the Divine Embrace, Sacred Ground and Splash of Light.

Divine Embrace

Divine Embrace is a healer with a the duration of a single cast that can heal for 150% Damage to Weapons.

Simple, yet powerful healing technique with a great potential to heal when used in the right circumstances.

With an Mana Cost at 25 as well as a cooldown of 6 seconds Divine Embrace is one of the most costly Life Staff abilities and has one of the most efficient time to cool down.

Divine Embrace Rating: A - PvE, B - PvP

In PvE this ability can be beneficial for healing, however it is often not used due to the time required to cast and the high mana costs overall.

It can be utilized for PvP however it isn't nearly as efficient or as useful as the alternative to the Protector Tree.


Privilege lowers Divine Emblem's Mana price to just 20.

This upgrade makes it the most expensive skillavailable, it's only saving a tiny amount of mana, but allows for a fifth cast when used back return from full mana.

Privilege Rating: C PvE and PvP

It lowers the mana cost by 5points, which makes it the most expensive skill you can apply. It's not really sufficient to warrant spending points on it for anything other than passives.

Struggle for Shared Responsibility

Shared Struggle lets Divine Embrace to heal another target within 8 meters , if the first target is less than 50 percent health.

This upgrade is a niche one and also gives Divine Embrace its high healing potential.

Shared Struggle Rating: C PvE, B+ – PvP

This bonus healing is highly specific in PvE as only your tank will take enough damage to require them to be treated in the majority of Expeditions.

This upgrade could make the ability more useful in PvP, however, providing you with high healing in PvP, provided you are able to safely cast it.


Rebound permits the Divine Embrace to heal another target within 8 meters of the second target, provided that both targets were also less than 50 percent health.

It's the same as Shared Struggle, but is more specific, with the requirement of two participants to be at least 50% healthy.

Rebound Rating: C - PvE, B+ - PvP

It's basically the same thing is Shared Struggle, just another chain. It's a disaster for PvE, but slightly more useful in PvP.

Scared Ground

Sacred Ground creates a healing field that heals 20% of the damage from weapons per second, and lasts for 15 seconds.

In itself, this ability is a solid and reliable healing. When upgraded, it is essential for any kind of content. A good use of this ability can change the course of any situation.

With an Mana price of just 15 dollars and cooldown to 20 seconds Sacred Ground is one of the Life Staff's most affordable mana costs , but also one of its cooldowns is higher.

The Sacred Ground Rating A - PvE and PvP (S when upgraded)

Sacred Ground is one of the skills that come having a lot of value as well as the AoE healing is very helpful in massive PvP battles or even in small battles. In PvE , the upgrades allow your tank to block more effectively and also with less risk overall.

Holy Ground

Holy Ground boosts stamina and Mana regeneration for all Allies by 100% when it is Scared Ground.

This skill has vital utility that prevents it from becoming only a healing skill as the other abilities of the Healing Tree.

Holy Ground Rating: A PvE and PvP

Its Increase Stamina is the most crucial aspect of this. It lets your tanks endure more punishment both in battle and PvP. The Mana regen is a nice option for those who want to make use of it for self-healing also, since it could serve as a mana refund in a way.


Blessed boosts healing incoming by 50% for allies of Sacred Ground.

This is easily an extremely powerful capabilities that Life Staff members. Life Staff, increasing it's effectiveness in healing significantly.

Blessed Rating S - PvE and PvP

This can be a massive boost to your healing. It's a great way to ensure your frontline is healthy and fighting in PvP and also keep your tank in good shape more easily when fighting in PvE. There is nothing else within the Life Staff Trees provides nearly the same amount of boost in its own right.

Light's Embrace is a healing spell that has a quick casting duration that heals 100% and an additional 30% per boost to the targeted.

This ability has the potential to offer the most powerful single-target healing of all Life Staff's capabilities. It requires a good understanding of how to make the most of, and is among the top powerful healing capabilities.

With an Mana Cost at 18 as well as a timer of four seconds, Light's Embrace among the staff's less cost spells, and has the shortest time to cool down.

Light's Emrace Rating: S - PvE and PvP

If you're looking to get one heal for a single target then this is the best. It's extremely potent even without buffs, and has an extremely short cooldown, and has a very low mana cost. It also provides Stamina to your tank, which is crucial in keeping them alive, and preventing them from becoming damaged by guards.

PvP War/Skirmish Build

This build is focused on abilities that affect multiple allies simultaneously, and opts for powerful AoE heals over the healing options available in bust. It is focused on using Sacred Ground, Splash of Light and Orb of Protection.

This is because in War circumstances, you don't require one healer for each target, since you're usually not the sole healer. For smaller battles it's possible to modify another skill to include one, if it's a smaller skirmish.

Like every other game the rule, we begin with Absolved to make it easier and more constant damage while leveling. We then pick up Sacred Ground, Orb of Protection and Splash of Light for more healing and damage output. It is also possible to pick up Beacon to begin with for additional DPS as you level, and then switch to Splash of Light later on.

We'll then add Blissful Touch to be able to heal and trigger Revitalize simultaneously. We then work on enhancing Sacred Ground to amp our healing power, and then we'll use Splash of Light will make it less expensive and give an effect of cleansing.

Then we take Revitalize and intensify in order to gain the access of Divine Blessing as soon as is possible. Revitalize is essential to be in a position to keep uptime on our abilities and ensure that our allies are healed. The Intensify spell and Divine Blessing can massively increase our healing capacity however, Intensify requires maintenance to ensure it continues. In contrast, Divine Blessing requires an ally to have less than 50% health in order to activate it, this is quite often in an armed conflict or skirmish.

We add Desperate Speed to increase your cooling recovery in these critical situations , allowing us to make more castings in Splash of Light sooner helping in mass recovery. We then switch onto Protector from the Protector tree to get the most important passives in this case, Bend Light and Protector's Strength.

The last point is a toss-up in between Spirit United and Sacred Protection. The latter is more effective of the two , and can be used better in a variety of situations. Spirit United can be helpful when you're part of a group of mages, increasing the mana regen of their group and your own.

Use, Skill Perks and Rotations

Splash of Light is one of those abilities that, while not very useful in the majority of situations, can actually be useful in PvP because other skills are more difficult to utilize in War or other PvP scenarios. Beacon can be used to replace it in certain situations, such as skirmishes or even used in Wars however, it is far more efficient. to heal your entire squad all at once. Splash of Light also doubles as a Cleanser, which helps lessen the damage caused by burns and other injuries.

Orb of Protection is great for Wars as it's not targeted , so you can fly it through an array of your own melee team members, granting the entire group Fortify and Recovery. These effects help to make Sacred Ground much stronger overall through additional healing and damage reduction.

Sacred Ground on a well equipped healer could be the difference between a tank who is alive or dead on the battlefield for Wars. It can heal for a long time in itself, and on top of other healing effects you can add.

For the perks of weapons Blessed is a necessity for its increased healing power. Siphoning Blow is an excellent pickup to aid in mana. It is also possible to use Refreshing Move to gain more cooldown reduction from Light Attacks. Keen is a possibility when you're trying to get a bit more damage from PvP.

For Armor perks , Refreshing, an energizing splash of light, strengthening Sacred Ground, Mending Protection are among the top that you can purchase. Refreshing can reduce base cooldowns, letting Sacred ground appear more frequently, but it's not completely necessary in this case. The energizing Splash of Light adds more value for Splash of Light, letting it also refill Stamina. Mending Protection has the highest chance of being beneficial during Wars because you'll be hitting a lot of people simultaneously, as opposed to a handful of.

Out Amulet will be an element of defense, Opting for Health, Fortified and Fortified Recovery. Health is merely an amount of bonus added to the total health pool, which will typically be the second stat to consider to Life Staff. Fortified increases the health of the health of our Orb of Protection to have the fortify last a bit longer and also increase the amount of bonus we receive from Fortified Recovery.

For our earring, Regenerating and Focused are both great alternatives here. Focused will give you more mana regeneration, which helps maintain your mana levels more frequently. Regenerating can help you survive any attacks, but without having to concentrate on self healing. Nimble could help with this by giving the ability to avoid more often, but the it is likely that if you are hit, you will not endure for long.

To make our Ring We want Sacred as well as Siphoning. Scared increases our healing while Siphoning aids in our mana endurance. In the final slot, it can be a great option to boost mana levels, Vital for more Stamina and Nature Damage to boost your DPS during fights.

Skill Rotation

There's no specific time for this, but a lot of it is using items that are cool as well as trying to maintain Sacred Ground on your frontliner(s). As long as you keep the sacred Ground in play and maintaining your buffs, you'll be able to heal perfectly.

This concludes this comprehensive guide to Life Staff in New World. We hope that you've discovered everything you must be aware of the weapon, its use and perks, as well as skills as well as combos, builds as well as ability-rotations. The icons in this guide were sourced directly from's database. We utilized the skill builder on to help you better understand for those who are interested in what War Hammer builds.

At we offer a wealth of helpful New World Guides and many more are published on a regular basis. Also, we have all of the latest news and updates to keep you informed about everything New World!
New World Life Staff Weapons Guide and the Best Builds

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