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I have always been a fan of the Iorwerth

Posted By wei yismart     November 13, 2021    

Additionally, in Sal's Clan Section thread about the perfect Clan, I was chosen as a member to many clan sections users lists. This was RS gold something I was proud of since at the time, I was a mid level combat player (105ish)

I was also complimented for my tanking in a 3xtermination against Silverdawn (who was later DF's leader) According to some members that, whenever XshinobizX called me a pile and yelled at me, he would become angry and rant about how many times he had not hit me and how long it took him to kill me. It's a shame that this subject isn't being talked about anymore. It was the first time in which I felt that I had made any impact. We lost but it's okay. It was an extremely bizarre war. I recall it being some sort training/tank-test war between all the clans. However, we didn’t fight at GDZ. We fought instead in the Chaos Dwarves.

I also did quite well during the battle against UBH (I think). However, I think I was the sole person who was praised in that case because they weren't impressed by any other 3x members.

As some of you know I've only just completed Plague's End and been able to unlock Prifddinas, and the past few days have been spent exploring the city, completing tasks to the Elven clans, and unlocking a plethora of emotes, lore books pages, titles, and outfits etc.

It's a gorgeous city. I thought its reputation was overblown, but I understand why people love it. I have always been drawn to dark cities such as Edgeville, Draynor and The Wilderness to my liking so it is unusual for me not to love a place so civilized and happy looking.

As everyone is aware, the most significant aspect of Prifddinas and the Elven society is the clan system. There are 8 distinct and distinctive clans that each has their own areas in the city. What clan(s) do you prefer and why? Also, clan leaders, while we're there, as you can admire a leader but not be interested in his or her clan.

I have always been a fan of the Iorwerth. It's mainly due to the fact that the Dark Lord, prior to the release of the Elven questline's final quests was always believed to be Zamorak. I do not know if this is real, but I think certain NPCs refer to the Iorwerth in some way as Zamorakians who rebelled against the crystal Goddess-led Elven society. I sympathize fully with Lord Iorwerth’s elves.

The clan has a new leader, now that the civil war has ended. They are trying to be a part of the elven community, as they don't want to be considered insignificant and have proved their worth. They're a belligerent clan, which cheap OSRS gold makes it difficult to dislike them. You can also see their clan crest.
I have always been a fan of the Iorwerth
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