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Union Berlin s Niko Gießelmann talks about goals and future

Posted By Adella Boyer     November 10, 2021    

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In his first season in Berlin, the 2020 free-free casting of Fortuna Düsseldorf was a border figure. On only 13 league missions, he came there, nine objections were below. Now, in the second Union year, he is set — and turns on. With five scorer points after eleven playing days, the left-part is a considerable interim balance with an offensive crowd and is currently second-best Union scorer to Two Agonist Forager, which is at seven league hits. On Tuesday, Gießelmann spoke in a media round about...

... the late goals in Cologne and Stuttgart: Force — or missing force — there is no role. We had a good mentality and in Cologne a mileage of almost 122 kilometers. This shows that we are fit, The late goals were annoying, but had nothing to do with our triple burden.

... the league break because of the international matches: I m glad about it, even if I prefer to play as if to train. It was now three and a half weeks with seven games. To play every third day is exhausting. But we have A good squad that has pushed away. We were able to invest in each game to 100 percent. After this high load is glad to go down and regenerate.

It will always be a dream.

Nike Gießelmann About the Champions League

... Union first seasonal drum: We can be satisfied. In the DFB trophy and in the league we left a good to very good impression. If we had won in Cologne on Sunday, we would have been fourth. That s already Madness, so well. In the Conference League, everything is still in it, even if it has become difficult by the avoidable defeat against Feyenoord Rotterdam. The competition has not yet run optimally. But if we play Haifa as in the first leg, we can win there. And then in the last game ( am December 9th against Slavic Prague, d. Red. ) everything is in it.

... the cloth sensation to the Champions League places: I have not thought about it. It is of course a dream and will probably always stay a dream. We have to look where we come from. Our goal is it to put a good season and to play next season Bundesliga.

Modeste scores 2 to save Köln | FC Köln - Union Berlin 2-2 | All Goals | MD 11 – Bundesliga 21/22 ... Increased possibilities: We are a team that plays very well and disciplined and defended very well. Since we are very well positioned. But I do not believe that we are at the limit. What is going through the season: that we are poorly playing out second balls and counterparties as in the game in Cologne. We were too sloppy. And even with his own ball possessions, we need more peace on the ball and more movement with the ball. We are not good enough yet. That was not good enough. That was partly in The last season better, there we had a higher possession of the ball. At this thing we have to work, there we have a little catching up.

... union team spirit: We are a welded troop, see us well, there is a fight for the other. You can make mistakes and knows that they are usually repaired by the teammates. We race for each other and give each one Game 100 percent. The mentality is great, which distinguishes the club and us players. The team is well put together for characters. Everyone knows what to do here.

... his balance with three seasons: That s what I m going to run back in our system — with a threesome or fighter chain — a bit more offensive and that we often have breakthroughs over outside. We should then be out pieces, It always belongs a bit of luck. But the defenders of the opponent do not have one on the screen, because they are rather out of the back and from the second post. I come more often in graduation situations than in a four-chain. And I played in the youth more often in the storm or in the offensive midfield, in my early time at Reuther Fürth also more often in the left midfield. Therefore, I probably still have a bit of stripping blood in me. That s just a bit up. I feel Very good, self-confidence, I m fit and just in the best football age. Maybe I fall up with the statistics on goals and templates just a bit more than usual. But I already have the last Every year good games delivered.

... its difficult first Union year: I have also shown good performance in the last season. The coach has then been for Lens ( Christopher Lens, since summer at Eintracht Frankfurt, d. Red. ) decided. He then showed good performance. It is normal that the coach is not much changed. Of course, it has been difficult for me to accept that. I was not satisfied. But it was my goal to establish myself here. I m one Experienced players and can give the team a lot. We do not play it from the system as much otherwise than in the preseason, but we come even more in switching moments, so that we can get outer in dangerous situations more often. That s fine to me Playing style. I currently get the trust of the coaching team and pay it back.

I can imagine staying longer.

Nike Gießelmann on his contract ending in June

... his further development under coach Urs Fischer: My game has definitely changed. But that s because I was not so unaffected in a five-horse chain so often. I fill this position in the offensive area quite well out, I ve developed offense and defensive. And you are developing a feeling in which clearing you move. One is alone on the side, has no player in front of him, has a little more space and has to do a bit more course work. Man. It s about reading the game so that you can tell when you can go forward. You always have to look forward what happens to the residual defense and that you do not have an opponent in the back, which is free. That s going on. But if you have the room, you have to make the runs forward. Our triple chain ensures us well by pushing it on the side.

... the derby against Bertha in eleven days: I played with Fürth and Düsseldorf some Derbies. They always stay special, no matter how many you played. This will be my first Berlin derby in front of spectators. That s something Other than without viewers. I m really looking forward to it. They are hot, we are hot, well-prepared and want to win in front of your own audience. The fans can always come up with something. You realize that it is special. The most important thing is that It takes a fair tr umber. Then it can also pop up on the square, that s one of them.

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... the absence of Max Ruse: He has failed the last games, which is a pity. I hope he comes back as soon as possible. But you have seen that we can be very dangerous without Max And our goals achieve.

... his future : You will see how it goes on. It will certainly give one or the other conversation. But of course I can imagine even longer ( all until June 30, 2022, d. Red. ) to stay.

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Union Berlin s Niko Gie\u00dfelmann talks about goals and future

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