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The application of aluminum truss stage is introduced in detail

Posted By Zhan Shi     November 9, 2021    

Currently popular trusses on the market include aluminum truss stage and round tube trusses. Aluminum truss stage can be divided into square tube folded trusses and square tube fixed trusses. The connection between the square tube folding truss and the truss is very convenient, just align and fasten the top wires on both sides, which is characterized by convenient transportation;

The square tube fixed truss has square tubes at both ends, which is most suitable for outdoor construction and used to make background walls. , It is not only stable, but also convenient to decorate; due to its special circular shape, the round tube truss is very suitable for building booths. The connection method is mostly screws, which can be directly connected with the square head, which is very stable, simple to install and convenient to transport.

The surface of aluminum truss stage and round tube truss is treated by electrostatic spraying, which improves the anti-corrosion performance of the truss, and has better durability and safety. According to the specifications and dimensions of various materials indicated on the construction drawings, the mechanical properties, chemical composition and other technical indicators of the organization's raw materials should meet the current national standards and standards issued by the department.

In addition, there is a raw material delivery quality certificate and a delivery certificate. The materials on site shall be sampled and reviewed according to the technical specifications of the bidding documents. At the same time, the material quality certification documents and the delivery certificate shall be kept as an integral part of the completed materials. Direct correction and pretreatment of various qualified plates and pipes. After checking that it meets the requirements of the relevant specifications, it is sorted and stacked neatly, and the specifications and varieties are marked, and then transferred to the next process for collection, stakeout and the next process.

The application of aluminum truss stage is introduced in detail
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