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[Comprehensive] NHN, quarterly earnings record... Former business division

Posted By Adella Boyer     November 9, 2021    

[Eye News 24 Municipal Reporter] NHN has achieved the largest quarterly earnings in the third quarter of the year, thanks to the Payment, Advertisement and Technology. The company has also presented a target that will show the new performance on the global market.

On the 9th, NHN (CEO) was announced on the third quarter of 2021, and sales of W472.5bn, operating profit of W27.9bn and W44.5bn on the net profit of W44.5bn. We have increased sales, operating profit, and net profit of 14.8%, and 38.7% in the previous year. The previous quarter was 4.2%, 40.5%, and 193%. This is also a number exceeding the 3Q earnings estimates that the Securities Author.

When we look at sales by division by the third quarter, the game division was 95.5 billion won, which has increased 10% Qom due to the effect of collaboration event with Cause holidays and popularity intellectual property (IP). In particular, web board games that summon PCs and mobiles have risen all over the previous year.

Payment and advertising sectors are expected to increase sales by 23.4% YoY, and 6.2% YoY to W28.4bn, We updated sales.

In particular, the order amount of Pay Dover, a non-inherent order service, has grown 2.2 times a year and more than the same period,

The Summers sector is a 4.1% year-on-year-old increase in NHN global sales, depending on the increase in NHN global sales, depending on the increase in the US market, Recorded.

The technical sector has recorded the largest sales of 57.2 billion won, which has increased by 82% YoY, and 11% YoY in the previous year, and 11% YoY, and 11% YoY in the MAP business of NHN Tacitus through the expansion of the public sector order.

The content division is that NHN Domino s ongoing sales improvement effects and the sales of sports ticket sales of NHN ticket links are mixed 3.2% YoY, and 4.6% declined by 4.6% YoY.

The company is a policy on new fields such as existing business fields, including the future NFT (alternative to the NFT) and the blockchain. For this purpose, we have also concluded Mouse with WADED TRIP and Mouse at the end of October. The Memoirs have recently been watching the game Mir 4, a blockchain in the global market, and received attention.

Jung Yeo-jin NHN representative was I did not internally review the NFT game business in the 9th-9-day earnings conference call, but it was a limit to the accessibility of the user, but it is actually a conservative approach because of regulation, However, the high achievement Based on, NHN is worried about genre collaboration that can be good.

In the case of shooting RPGs such as Project NAU, Project Nave, I am currently preparing, I will not be able to collaborate with the MADE tree. However, I do not have a specific contract with the MADRID and individual titles, said NHN s strengths I am worried about the global entry through the Worms platform, he added.

NHN is accelerating business growth through cooperation with domestic and overseas leading companies, such as the NHN Records in Japan is selected as the Premier Consulting Partner, a Premier Consulting Partner

In the case of Photo, the account charging of the payment of Photo points increased by more than 4 times a year, and with profitability improvement, and has been improving the financial services through the Mai Data service to release in December.

In the case of the game business, we will expand our performance as a lineup such as the Dragon Quest Despite released in Japan on December 1. Dragon Quest is one of the most famous IPs in Japan, and is a company-side explanation that currently has marketing aimed at a visit to a million local pre-reservation registers. In addition, NHN is preparing to prepare Japanese IP-based games, which can not be revealed by Washing Mobile, Project Aux, yet.

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Jung Yeo-jin NHN representative is The third quarter of this year, since the foundation of sales, operating profit, net profit, and net profit was all achieved, and the efforts as a global IT company have made efforts to make a global IT company, said NHN, We will have a new business opportunity, such as blockchain technology cooperation, and will grow into Global Top Tech Company.

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[Comprehensive] NHN, quarterly earnings record... Former business division

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